Ivan Gredenko
Name Ivan Gredenko
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Overuse of Nuclear Devices Here"

Ivan Gredenko (Иван Греденко Ivan Gredenko) is an ex-Wanderer and an ally to the Society.


This stereotypical Russian, vodka-drinking Wanderer has been known for being a very sharp eye in battle, even when he's drunk. He stands at 6'1", silver hair and almost white irises. The reason for being in Fate/stay Night: Saber, Arthuria Pendragon. Of course the Author wouldn't allow that to happen, so the closest thing he could become was being a Legendary Hero in the Holy Grail War. As an Archer-class Servant, he is an expert in crossbows, but being a modern hero, one of his Noble Phantasms include a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle. He would be mostly undetected during battle, except on occasions where he would be drinking too much and a whiff of vodka shouts out his position.

As a 999 member, he is called 'Ghillie', due to the fact he takes you out at a long range with a sniper rifle and you never hear him coming. He also wears a grassy camouflage which gave him his name 'Ghillie'. He also commands his own personalised Dark Guardian group, whose expertise lie on the sniper scope. Many who face him or his subordinates fear him for his cold look when aiming for the kill.

After Insert Another Classic War Story Here, his status is unknown.

Weapons and Abilities[]

His survival skills allows him to be in any fandom for long periods of time, and he blends quite well into his surroundings. The only trouble he would face if he was to be found, since he's not a very good fighter at close range. He's also the Author's top hacker.

  • Barrett .50cal: His primary weapon. Weighing 14kg and 57" in length, this monster of a sniper rifle can blow off a limb from an effective distance of 1.8km
  • Desert Eagle: His trusty sidearm that uses .357 magnum rounds. Very powerful kickback.
  • Sword of Knights: A replica of Excalibur from Fate/Stay Night fandom, the weapon is approximately 4ft in length. It can shrink down to the size of a combat knife for mobility purposes

Power Ranking[]

  • Intelligence: A-
  • Wisdom: S
  • Strength: C+
  • Defense: B+
  • Weapons skill: Ranged (A+) Melee (B)
  • Magic: B+
  • Agility: C+
  • Charisma: B-