Ingrid Nunn
Name Ingrid Nunn
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Unlimited Talents Here"

Ingrid Nunn (formerly known as Maya Dory Juliano Taggert Mariana the 6th, マヤ・マリアナ Maya Mariana, and Shirley Dory Juliano Taggert Mariana the 6th, シャーリー・マリアナ Shārī Mariana) is a former Level 8 Sue and an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


When she was a Level 8 Sue, she was in pursuit by Doug and his author. Maya was roughly 5’9” with long blonde locks that reach her feet (how she walked with it is still a mystery). She became a Sue, driven by jealousy and exposure to the world. She had a tendency to enter Black List fandoms to avoid Doug from ever pursuing her (though Doug ALWAYS found ways to get in). Later, he changed her name from Shirley to Maya, due to the fact that the author had used her maiden name to name the daughter of Doug in "TSWAT".

When she was taken back into custody, she had her memories wiped and rebuilt from scratch. An incident occurred which caused her premature birth; a complete being but lack of personality. The Author decided to let her join the Society, hoping the Society will be able to build her personality different from the Wanderers. What we do know is that she now a brunette, shorter at 5'6", fancies odd-coloured sweaters and short skirts (much to Michael's rejoice), but her attire can change according to mission specifics.


As Maya[]

Ingrid before being captured

Ingrid came to be when the author and creator of Douglas Kreig was making a fan comic of the world, Blood+. She was being constructed as a major foe in the comic, to battle Doug and his band of siblings. As time goes on, the author had no time to do the comic due to huge amounts of schoolwork, the comic was scrapped, and Maya was still in her cryo tube, incomplete. But Doug and his siblings were reused in a present fan fiction, "TSWAT: Fall of the Fourth Reich", which made Maya jealous of them. One night, while the world was asleep, she broke out of the cryo tube and escaped the world through portals. The very next day, the author had assembled a small army to find and capture Maya. She was found lingering in the Fate/stay Night fandom; and the teams that were sent to retrieve her were killed. The author lost track of her ever since, and one of the prime reasons why Doug joined the Society.

When Doug joined the Society, Maya was a Level 7 Sue. She first appeared in Law of Ueki, where she got control of the main characters. Doug pursued her, and she was chased out by copyrighted characters. She then tried to hide in Blood+ as a Queen. She managed to impale Doug, but escaped after the Society came after him. In the Black Lagoon fandom, she tried to raise an army using the biggest crime syndicate in a fictional Thai town, but was pursued by Doug and Adrian with an experimental Prohibitor. She then tried again in Call of Duty, but Ben and Doug nuked her just to get her trapped in the Command and Conquer fandom. She was finally caught, to be locked in a Sue-proof cryo tube in the author's world.

As Ingrid[]

The Author then rebuilt her as Ingrid, and she, as of date, joined the Society and participated in a mission to G.I. Joe to become a fully fledged Agent.

She broke the rules with Doug to enter the Transformers fandom to rescue one of their own. The Society managed to get in to retrieve them, but was too late. Doug had been kidnapped by Aryan, in order to create the counter-Wanderer. The Wanderers were frantically searching for him, as his skill level was as competent as Adrian's; the Society was down with that one man. Ingrid learned her first emotion; sadness.

Her third mission was in the Modern Warfare 2 fandom, where most of the Agents participated a joint operation with the Wanderers to save Doug. When they found thim in 'The Gulag', Doug wanted to pursue Aryan. She followed Doug and disappeared into the fandom. A chase ensued, and when she recovered from a fall from a waterfall, she approached the helicopter wreckage where Aryan must have been. She chased after him, and when she came down with the knife, Aryan turned the blade against her and it went through her chest. Doug came in time to save her from a bullet from the head, and the fist fight came down with Aryan winning. Ingrid pulled the knife out of her chest, and threw it at Aryan's head, killing him instantly. She fell into a coma, and when she woke up, she was told that Doug had died. She learned the emotion pain and grief.

During the six months of recuperation, she bonded with other Agents of the Society, learning most of the emotions that a normal human would have. She became friends with Rhia, engaging in target practices from time to time. When Michael thought it was time for her to go on a mission again, he sent her to the Highschool Of The Dead fandom. Phoenixia sometimes worries about her.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Other than basic training, she possess her previous sword when she was a Sue. She's fairly decent with a sword, but she's much better off with a rifle or pistol.


Stands for 'Adaptive Combat Rifle'. Ingrid's is built to house 7.62mm FMJ(Fullmetal Jacket) bullets(AK-47 rounds) and uses a 20-in barrel for long range. Also attached are a Holographic Sight and a Silencer. Used it during Insert Another Classic War Story Here.


A submachine gun. Used for quick missions. Uses .45-in FMJ rounds. Also attached are a Holographic Sight and a Silencer. She will primarily use this weapon unless situation calls for the ACR.


Ingrid's sidearms. Uses the same round as the UMP45. She carries two of these on her person.

The Blackhawk[]

Ingrid's bladed weapon, which can be in both sword and knife mode. In combat knife mode, it looks like a Blackhawk Tatang; hence its name. The sword mode had a longer stock and blade; the blunt edge is coated black while the sharp edge is chrome silver.

CDTech Nanoskin Suit 4[]

Main article: CDTech Nanoskin Suit 4

Her main defense against all normal and magic-based attacks. This defense used to be served by the Plot Armour but has been superceded by the more advanced suit.

Power Ranking[]

Main article: The Power Ranking
  • Intelligence: B+
  • Wisdom: A+
  • Strength: C
  • Defense: B-
  • Weapons skill: Ranged (B-) Melee(C) (will increase as she gains more experience)
  • Magic: D-
  • Agility: C+
  • Charisma: C+


  • After the events of "Insert Another Classic War Story Here", her theme music is "Assaulting the Submarine Base-Launch" by Hans Zimmer.
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