Incandescent Silverreign
Phoenixia's big gun.
Name Incandescent Silverreign
Type (technical or magic) Magic
User Phoenixia
Introduced In "Insert Crazy Awesome Gunslinger Here"

Incandescent Silverreign is the primary weapon used by Phoenixia.


Incandescent Silverreign is a very large gun capable of firing meter-wide blasts of energy, as well as seperating into a pair of pistols, a shotgun and a sniper rifle. All four guns are colored an off-silver and made of a seemingly indestructible metal, as Phoenixia was capable of blocking energy blasts and magical sword strikes with the sniper rifle, a weapon that is usually very fragile. Also, the guns all seem to possess unlimited ammo, as Phoenixia does not have to carry extra clips or rounds for them.

The full capabilities and powers of this weapon are yet to be explored.

As of Phoenixia's disappearance and "Insert Extreme Parkour Running Here," Silverreign's ownership has been transfered to Rhia, who is very greatful for the honor, and is quickly beomcing adept with it.