Name Inara
Gender Female
Age 14
Introduced In "Insert Ridiculous Name + A Vampire Here"

Inara is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Inara is about 5'6" and has short light brown hair.

She loves clothes, as such her clothing is highly varied in style and formality, the only solid requirement that the colors be dark.

She almost always has a holster where she stores her Plothole Generator.


Sarcastic and serious, for the most part. She has little patience, the lack of it reaching almost ridiculous proportions with what she deems stupid. She also has a tendancy to be rude and sharp with people while not realizing she's doing it.


Inara was sent on her rookie mission to the Rosario + Vampire fandom to apprehend the Mary Sue Princess Ruby Sapphire Emerald Heartgold. She quickly discovered she was over her head when Inara fought, and was nearly killed by, a clone that Ruby apparently created. In Inara's first, and last, encounter with the actual Ruby she was quickly turned into a human punching bag. She was rescued from her untimely demise when Willie showed up and murdered the Sue.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Her quill is able to change into most weapons, provided they are not named (Example: Hoshikuzu) and/or completely magical in nature. Usage is limited, however, by her ability to use weapons, which is far below where she wishes it to be. As well as the fact that if she does not have enough skill, luck, or willpower at that moment the quill will explode. Violently. At the moment she is only able to use a pair of Freddy Krueger-esque claws, a dagger, and a sword.


  • Inara wears small, black framed reading glasses which she wears pretty much everywhere.
  • She is a vegetarian and has an intense like of Oreos.
  • She refuses to go by her real name; saying that her parents would kill her and that everyone always makes fun of her last name.
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