Name Hoshikuzu
Type (technical or magic) Technical, allowing magic
User Adrian
Introduced In "Insert Bad Shiningami Reference Here"

Hoshikuzu (星屑 Hoshikuzu, meaning 'Stardust', or 'a multitude of stars') was the sword primarily used by Adrian prior to the invasion of the Library by Willowe.



Hoshikuzu was a long, two-handed sword with a winged crossguard.

Other Forms[]

Adrian usually wore a crystal pendant around his neck, which had the ability to shift between staff and sword modes.

As a staff, it was white and resembles the staff of Gandalf the White. In this state, Hoshikuzu was able to effectively block magical attacks to some degree and was used as a channel for Adrian's own attacks.

As a sword, it was used for the obvious things a sword is used for, but also to channel lighting magic. Despite its inherent magical nature, Hoshikuzu had no magical elements to save for its transforming abilities and supernatural toughness, though it has been broken before.


Hoshikuzu was Adrian's staple blade at his side during the majority of his encounters with Sues or Stus, and served him well. He had it with him during his fight with Willowe, but the sword was completely destroyed during the fight, shattering into miniscule pieces.

The pendant was eventually given to Zero who placed it out of reach on the branch of a tree, in memory of Adrian.