Name Harriet
Gender Female
Age 23
Introduced In "Insert Poncey Sounding Elvish Here"

Harriet is the founder and leader of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society. As such, she is the one to whom all the other leaders defer to, and she has the ultimate say in the Society’s activities.


Little is known about the enigmatic Society leader, as she is often not around – it was recently revealed that she was pooling all her time and effort into juggling both hers and Lauren’s jobs, and tracking down Willowe. However, with Willowe’s capture, her time has freed up considerably, allowing her a more active role in the Society’s day to day business – though she still has to do Lauren’s job.

Harriet is the third oldest non-immortal member of the Society (Louise and Alice are older than her). She stands at 5’8", and has a presence that reportedly strikes fear into the hearts of any Society rookies. She has a flare for the dramatic, which is often emphasised by her brightly coloured clothing. She is generally an open, kind young woman; however, if you annoy her, be prepared to feel her wrath (probably with the flat side of a cricket bat). Her dark brown hair is rumoured to grow at the speed of light, though most times it sits somewhere between her chin and her shoulder blades. Her eyes can change colour depending on the lighting in the room, though most people describe them as green.

Harriet’s obsession with cricket is comparable to Aster’s obsession with manga (though Harriet has no need to raid the Library bookshelves, as she knows most of the players' autobiographies by heart). As well as knowing the members of most international cricket teams, along with pretty much every member of each English county cricket team, Harriet knows the rules to every type of cricket back to front, and can quote from memory the bowling, batting, and fielding capabilities of most players. In English county cricket, she supports Hampshire. When she’s not on a mission, it is not uncommon to find her sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea or a glass of smoothie, with her nose buried in the latest edition of All Out Cricket.

As an English graduate, Harriet is fanatically strict about spelling, punctuation and grammar, and has been known to go around correcting everyone’s paperwork in her spare time and issuing gold stickers to those who get it right. She has very little care for the Society budget, often making superfluous purchases such as a string quartet to follow her around and scantily clad male slaves to carry her things.

Under no circumstances should Harriet be sent out on a mission while drunk. The same goes for PMSing (though this is more for the safety of other agents than the Sues).


"Oh like you've never done it! I was…I was naïve! I was thirteen and in love with Orlando Bloom, ok? But I deleted that fic…I destroyed all copies except…except that one." - Harriet

Harriet began the Society with her two friends as a means of catching Willowe Foxblade. Harriet began writing fanfiction at the age of thirteen, with Willowe being one of her first Mary-Sues. However as the years went on, Harriet abandoned the story, and destroyed all copies, properly ashamed of her youthful mistakes, and moving to focus on Real Person Slash (mostly cricket oriented). At the age of nineteen (Willowe was twenty-one by this point) Harriet realised that her old Mary-Sue was distorting the fandom that she had been created for (Lord of the Rings) and Harriet enlisted the help of her housemates to stop her old creation. Willowe however was able to escape, and began roaming other fandoms, corrupting them, and slowly beginning to recruit other Sues to her forces.

Harriet kept quiet about Willowe's creation until recently, when Willowe brought it to the attention of the rest of the Society. With help, Harriet was able to defeat Willowe and lock her in the Twilight fandom. Harriet is, to this day, still not proud of the damage her creation has caused, however she feels that the rest of the Society have no right to be mad at her, as most of them are guilty of similar mistakes in the past too.

To this day, the only known surviving copy of “The Lost Girl of Middle Earth” remains in Harriet’s possession, edited so that Willowe can never come back. However Harriet admits that there could be other copies that she has forgotten about.

Willowe’s youngest sister, Palm Tree (now renamed Emily), is now under Harriet’s custody, following the capture of Ashley and Aspen in the Final Fantasy X-2 fandom. It is Harriet’s hope that if she is raised in a slightly more normal environment, she can avoid developing Sue powers completely.

Powers and Weapons[]

Like Tash, Harriet is a competent kickboxer, however her preferred weapons of choice include a cricket bat, a laser rifle or the Canon Cannon. Little is known about her make of laser rifle, however when asked, she states “I point. It shoots – what more do you need to know?”. She knows the destructive power of a cricket bat and has been known to leave her opponents with severe concussion when using it. When she is unable to reach a person, she will throw a cricket ball at them.

The Canon Cannon[]

Main article: Canon Cannon

Her baby is the Canon Cannon, a gadget of her own creation. She puts it through various stages of improvements and testing, however the latest version blew the Library shelves apart, and so the Cannon has been confined to the basement with the Mary-Sues, for storage. Its latest use was when it was wheeled out to assist in the rescue of Aster, whereupon Harriet used it to blast Harmony and Purity off their feet and give time for the Manta to take off. Harriet is also qualified in first aid, and worked for a little while as an auxilary nurse, meaning she can assist in the medical wing if necessary.


  • Harriet is often referred to as Hati, or Hari, depending on who is addressing her.
  • Harriet's sexual orientation remains largely ambiguous (just the way she likes it).
  • When bribing Harriet with cricket players fails or is too costly, she can be bought with Innocent Smoothie and a hefty supply of Lush products.
  • Through a few times of being dragged to WARGS by Tash, Alice or Louise, she is considered an honorary member.
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