Name Harmony
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Dramatic Rescue Here"

Harmony is one of the Sovereigns, the group of Immaculated Sues and Stus who serve Runoa directly. By the Sue ranking she is defined as Level 10.


Harmony is one of the slightly calmer and nicer (by comparison) Sovereigns, and her primary function is as a soothing influence on the group. She is well known throughout the Multiverse as the 2010 Sue Factor champion.


Harmony is smaller than the average Sue, at 5'5, and is rather petite, with fair skin. She has ash blonde hair and blue eyes, which tend to sparkle when she sings. She prefers to wear elegant clothing and favours pastel colours over bolder shades.


As a rule, Harmony dislikes fighting, as there is nothing harmonious about two groups trying to beat each others faces off. However her loyalty to Runoa means that she has to participate regardless of any feeling she may have. She believes very strongly in balance and dislikes anything that throws the situation off (she was so shaken when Death was killed that according to reports, she locked herself in a room in Runoa's base and refused to come out for weeks). You would expect from her nature that she would get on with Order best, however she finds the male Sovereign a little too excessive and obsessive, and gets on with Passion and Creation the best.


Chronologically, Harmony first appeared to the Society during their efforts to rescue Aster from Runoa. She appeared as the bulk of the Society were attempting to flee the mansion, and retreat to the woods. She and Purity engaged the group, and Harmony's ability to balance a person's emotions quickly rendered the Society unwilling and unable to fight back.

She appeared again soon after in the Talent Show fandom as a finalist in Sue Factor (for which Runoa was a judge). She sensed the Society's presence when they arrived, and Runoa used this information to her advantage to try and trap the Society and kill Adrian. Harmony went on to ultimately win the competition, beating Ardelisa DeVinevil and Edward Casanova in the final, and the Society managed to escape from the fandom.

Powers and Abilities[]

Harmony's ability is the power to balance a person's emotions, removing any aggressive thoughts or notions. In this state, a person is unwilling to fight, feel sad or extreme happiness - only a peaceful calm, which can make Harmony a deadly weapon, as other Sovereigns seem immune (or at least more resistant) to her powers, giving them a chance to capture or kill their opponents.

Harmony has an exceptional (even by Sue standards) singing voice, and when she sings, her gift of balance tends to leak into it, as was proved in the Sue Factor final where she managed to make the entire audience join hands and sway whilst crying at the beauty of it all.