Guest Appearance
Name Guest Appearance
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In Insert The Original Indestructible Captain Here

The Guest Appearance is a gadget used by Society Agents.


In appearance, the Guest Appearance is roughly the same size and shape as a Poké-Nav, the only visible difference being that it is lime green in colour.

The Gadget is basically a less powerful version of the Crossover, as it only needs sufficient power to bring a single character from another fandom into the one the user is currently present in. Unfortunately, this also means that there are limits to the options a user has with the Guest Appearance, in that if an appearance is not sufficiently believable, the device will not perform the action. Example: An attempt to summon the Pokémon Palkia to the Harry Potter fandom will work as Palkia (being essentially a god of space) is capable of making the journey, while a non-dimension traveller like Articuno will fail to be summoned.

The Guest Appearance is also not suited to covert operations, as upon summoning a character, it shoots an eye-achingly pink beam into the air. Data entry to the device also takes a little time. It should not, however, interfere with a Scene Transition in the way the Crossover does, although this has not yet been fully tested.

The Guest Appearance has two modes of operation.

  • Normal: Simply activate the device and type in the name of the character you are looking to summon. If the appearance of the selected character is not sufficiently believeable, however, the device will give you a list of similar alternatives from more believable options. The length of time the guest is present for varies depending upon how believable their appearance is. (Note: a result can be achieved by pushing buttons randomly, but this is not recommended.)
  • Multi-Fandom: A mode of operation designed for fictional universes where two or more fandoms exist, according to canon, including but not limited to; Star Trek, Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures, Marvel Universe. Here a list of fandoms that are known to co-exist with the fandom the user is currently in is displayed. Once one of these is selected, the user may select any number of characters belonging to the guest fandom. While these appearences could in theory be sustained for years on end, to prevent damage to fandom canon, they automatically time out after four hours.
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