Name Garry-Stue
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Strange Cryptid Name Here"

Gerry Aleksandaer Richard Robert Yanguno Samuel Tyson Uglamore Emmerrssonn, also known as Garry-Stue, was a Level 6 Stu.



Garry-Stue had rainbow colored hair and lavender-amethyst-lilac-magenta (normal people call it 'hazel' as a blanket term) eyes. Apparently that's all that's important about him.


Garry-Stue, like most Stus, was condescending and convinced of his superiority. in fact, one of the words he used the most was "superior" to describe himself. Like his sister Mary-Su , he was a perfectly average Stu.


Like many Sues and Stus, Garry-Stu had an immensly tragic past. His parents were killed by an evil strawberry when he was one, and his sister was kidnapped by Argost and Garry-Stue was captured by slave traders. In reality, his sister ran off, and Garry-Stue lived in luxury for 14 years before entering the Secret Saturdays fandom. He had managed to win the Saturdays' trust when Tyler entered the fandom. After a not-so-long fight, Tyler tricked the Stu into looking away, then planted a Prohibitor on him.

He was presumably released, and subsequently killed, when Willowe Foxblade released the Sues from the basement.


Garry-Stue, in addition to his normal Stu abilities, could fly and fire energy bolts.