Genevieve Sol
Name Genevieve Sol
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Another Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Here"

Genevieve Lucifia Sol was a Level 3 Mary Sue of unknown origins, first appearing in the Psyren fandom.


Genevieve was a level 3 Sue that took residence in Psyren. She was brought from the present day world to Psyren, and defeated the antagonists by removing the sun-blocking membrane from the sky, killing them easily. She brought together all the human survivors and led them to build a palace made out of crystal.


Genevieve was constantly compared to the sun, from her blonde hair to her bright eyes to her shining smile.


Typically very bright and sunny, but does not take well to being tricked constantly.


A few days after Stephen was trapped in Psyren, Genevieve destroyed the membrane covering the sky, letting light in and destroying all Tavoo and members of WISE, the antagonists. Stephen tracked her down, intending to get safe passage out of the fandom, and desiring revenge for his pet Tavoo, Lowlie. Genevieve was not amused. After realizing that he was surrounded by powerful canon characters who wanted to kill him, Stephen tricked them into thinking that he had a powerful Burst ability, and when they hide, he made like a tree and ran away. Again, Genevieve was not amused.

After catching up with Stephen, she was tricked into running all the way to Cape Soya and back. While she was busy, Stephen obtained the payphone that the Drifters were supposed to find to go back to the present. When Genevieve got back, she was not amused. Stephen fought the tired Sue, forcing her down and sending her back to the present day world. When Stephen returned and pinned her down again, she surrendered and agreed to send Stephen out of the fandom in exchange for being let go. After Stephen left, she was confronted and killed by Nameless, having outlived her usefulness.


She had near master-level Burst, Rise, and Trance psychic abilities. Her Burst took the form of complete control over sunlight, which she used to create destructive beams. Her powers are next to useless at night time.