Manriki 540.jpg
Name Gekkou
Type (technical or magic) Technical
User Karissa
Introduced In "Insert Inconclusive Science Experiment Here"

Gekkou (月光 Gekkou) is a weapon used by Karissa.


Gekkou is a standard manriki (also 万力鎖 manriki-gusari or 'ten thousand power chain', otherwise known as a kusari-fundo, literally meaning 'chain-weight'), which is a Japanese chain weapon with weighted ends. The length of a traditional manriki can vary, but Gekkou spans exactly 48 inches.

Its greatest strength is that it can be used in both close and ranged combat. It can be held in the hand to punch, entangle, or block; likewise, it can be whipped about the wrist and/or thrown at an attacker. Gekkou's chain is thinner - almost ornamental - than others of its kind, but it still holds strong. The weights on its ends are long slender spikes of dense metal.

Gekkou was given to Karissa as a gift by Cay. It has no magical properties, but its name (moonbeam in Japanese) is derived from the fact that Karissa can become invisible. Karissa can extend her invisibility to objects in direct contact with her, including Gekkou (and her clothes, obviously). This adds another capacity in which Karissa can utilize her weapon, since, if she sneaked up on opponents while invisible, she could technically use Gekkou like a garotte.

Karissa currently carries Gekkou in a red silk sash tied about her person at all times.