Name Gareth
Gender Male
Age 23
Introduced In "Insert Implausible Hunting Yarn Here"

Gareth is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Gareth has mousey-blonde hair and blue eyes with a starbust pattern. He always dresses smartly, usually in a formal suit with pattered waistcoats in varying colours. He can be pretty vain and often takes a long time to get ready for a mission.


Gareth has a gentle personality, but he is not someone to anger.


Gareth joined the Society following hearing about it from Tash at WARGS in Real Life.

His first misssion took him into the League of Extraordinary Gentleman fandom where he attempted to, unsuccessfully, hunt down the Stu Alexander Whitestone.

Gareth had a narrow escape during the Basement incident when his friend Louise took five of his friends hostage. Gareth had been the agent on duty in the Basement when Louise arrived. Fortunately for Gareth, she had sent him away, rather than seeing him as a potential hostage. The fact that it could have so easily been different was brought home to him during the rescue.

Gareth's second mission saw him dive aboard the Nautilus with Captain Nemo in the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea fandom after a Mary-Sue named Chu-Zhen. Gareth was unable to bring the Sue back alive, following her one-on-one battle with Captain Nemo. He returned to the Library with Chu-Zhen's sword. He temporarily adopted the weapon as his own, but it was lost during his next mission.

Time travel featured in Gareth's next mission when he entered the Time Machine fandom after an unnamed and unknown Stu, who was swiftly dispatched. Gareth convinced the canon character of Time Traveller to construct a second time machine, following the theft of the original. When he arrived in the future, rather than finding a green wilderness, Gareth was met with a highly developed city. As he correctly surmised, a high level Stu was behind it, none other than Alexander Whitestone. This time, Gareth successfully captured the Stu, and returned with him to the Library.

Gareth took part in the mission to Sea Monsters with Tash, Alice, John and a number of other agents. He and John managed to capture a new pet for the Society - a Liopleurodon, nicknamed Fish Finger.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Winchester Rifle[]

Gareth used whatever weapon was closest to hand during his first year with the society, but eventually he settled on an 1876 model Winchester Repeating Rifle as his primary weapon. He initially had significant difficulty using ranged weapons, but began to slowly improve after a training session with Adrian. Over time, Gareth has modified the Rifle, adding a reinforced barrel, a laser sight and a magical glamour that hides it from prying eyes.

Relationships and Family[]

Gareth is in a long term relationship with Red. She can take the form of a red haired girl with green eyes, or a small cat. When in cat form, Red can often be seen curled up on his lap.


  • His theme song is Dedicated Follower of Fashion by The Kinks.
  • He drinks almost nothing but tea.
  • He collects odd ornaments and artwork.
  • Don’t ask him any questions about 19th century Naval History. Seriously. You will regret asking after the first hour or so...