Gadgets are used by the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society to aid in combat against Sues.


To combat Sues and Stus, the Society technicians work hard to provide devices that make Agents' jobs easier. These gadgets can be reliable or unpredictable depending on which one, and often the whole fate of a mission depends on one.

Gadgets may be classed as 'Normal', which means they use technology in a standard fashion and can be replicated from blueprints and materials alone. Others class as 'Magic', and relies on arcane power set into a self-contained spell to do the job instead. Some gadgets are a mixture of both.

The vast majority of gadgets are made in the tech labs, which as a department is headed by Charis. She also has many of the inventions to her name.

The technical team are always finding new ways to make a gadget work, by improving efficiency, or overcoming an inherent weakness in the design or operation, in addition to customising the more standard issue gadgets for particular agents. Consequently, two gadgets of the same type quite frequently do not quite look identical, or work in exactly the same way. For example, one of the early Prohibitor designs was capable of being broken by a blow of significant force, such as a punch from a well-trained, Level 100 Machamp. This is not an issue with current models of this gadget, but as it was used regularly in the early days of the Society, it remains an issue with some early parolees.

List of Gadgets[]