Fish Finger
Name Fish Finger
Gender Female
Age Juvenile
Introduced In "Insert Hell or High Water Here"

Fish Finger is the Library's pet Liopleurodon.


Fish Finger is a Liopleurodon, a carnivorous marine reptile from the Middle Jurassic period, which thrived approximately 160 to 155 million years ago.

Liopleurodon is the genus containing three known species, and it is estimated that Fish Finger is an L. Ferox. Her new owners are content to refer to her as just the genus, anyway.


As she is a juvenile, she is only a metre and a half long. It is estimated that she will eventually reach a length of around ten metres at adulthood. As a short-necked plesiosaur, she has four strong flippers that serve her for swimming, and a long finless tail. Her colouration is a countershaded black and white (darker dorsally, or on top), with a speckled border of both colours along her sides and on the tips of her flippers.


For a Liopleurodon, thus far Fish Finger has been quite calm in her new home, flipping lazily past the thick glass much to the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of the strange colourful bald things that are watching her.


”She is quite a strange, toothy way...” – Adrian.

Fish Finger was either caught, tempted in or rescued as a mischievous plot by mad scientist Gareth and skilled fisherman John during the trip to Sea Monsters. Somehow, baffling even the Librarian, the pair managed to smuggle the massive creature into the Library and set up a huge, several-storey-high and several-rooms-wide aquarium for her to live in. They also caught a large haul of Jurassic fish to feed her for a while until she can be weaned onto Holocene-era (i.e. modern) fish.

For a while it was thought she was a he, until Adrian identified otherwise.


Fish Finger is, aside from her sheer size and the fact that her entire taxonomic order has been extinct for at least sixty-five million years, by all accounts a normal creature.