Name Ezra
Gender Female
Age 20
Introduced In "Insert These Are Our Moments Here" (chapter 9: Line the Pieces Up)

Ezra is Stacey Leming's alter-ego.


Describing Ezra's appearance would be rather redundant, seeing as she functions much like a yami in terms of taking over the use of Stacey's body. However, it's not too difficult to tell when they've traded places if you know what to look for. In this case, Stacey's normally sea-colored eyes take on a metallic blue-violet sheen, her posture straightens considerably, and her demeanor is much more cocky and confident. Also, Ezra does not wear glasses. (A separate picture is forthcoming.)

As Stacey's alter-ego, Ezra is a part of Valerie's team of agents. However, she generally doesn't answer to anyone but Stacey or herself. She is a self-proclaimed bitch who enjoys sparring with (and kicking the crap out of) anyone who will consent to do so. This is not to say she has no heart; she has a distinct soft spot for children, and it's pretty easy to make friends with her once you're past her defenses. She is also more thoughtful and contemplative than one might expect from a warrior, though she rarely shows this in public. To her friends, Ezra is sarcastic but kind, unquestioningly loyal, and self-sacrificing to a fault. To her enemies (or just the people who get on her nerves), she is caustic and rude, and will often beat people up just to make a point. She's also been known to play practical jokes on people, the kind that only she (and possibly Danielle, as the two are often partners in crime) would find amusing.

Ezra's bond with Stacey runs deep, and their emotions wax and wane in perfect synch. Stacey is the emotional half, and Ezra is the warrior half. At the same time, however, they often seem like two different people, rather than two sides of the same coin. Stacey believes that they are neither of these: she says they are two versions of the same person, with different traits magnified in each.

Unique Abilities and Items[]


Ezra is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. She uses an extremely offensive style that combines the forwardness of kickboxing and the slyness of street fighting, and she isn't above fighting dirty if she feels her opponent deserves it. She does not, however, like using weapons. She claims this is because she preferrs fighting honestly, but most agree that she simply has little talent with them. This is not said in her presence, of course, unless the speaker has a deathwish. Like any fighter, Ezra takes fierce pride in her abilities, and it's not wise to criticize her if you haven't gained her respect first. And even those who have should do so with caution.

Ki Manipulation[]

By sensing and controlling the flow of energy within and around her body, Ezra can give herself a distinct edge in any battle - particularly if her opponent is not suspecting it. She can strengthen her blows by focusing her energy into them, and by the same token she can harden her skin to take on less damage. She can also (though sparingly) hover to dodge attacks or administer her own, and even fly for short periods of time.


Normally Ezra can only mindspeak with Stacey, but she does have the ability to mentally communicate with anyone (within a reasonable distance). This ability is only awakened when her adreneline runs high - i.e. when she's fighting. So far, it seems like she can reach people further away as the fight grows more intense. Attempts have been made to train Ezra's telepathy to work on command, but she has regarded such attempts with contempt, saying they are unnecessary. If the matter is pressed, she will retreat to the back of Stacey's mind and refuse to broach the subject.


  • Though a hardcore tomboy, Ezra has admitted a fondness for dresses.
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