Name Eolhc
Gender Female
Age unknown
Introduced In "Insert Pseudo Latin Interjections Here"

Eohlc is an agent of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society, as well as a character foil for Chloe.



Unlike her counterpart, who is restrained and easy going, Eohlc is extreamly agressive, and will pick a fight just as an excuse to show off her fighting skills.


For the most part, Eolhc looks exactly like Chloe, except her hair is nearly white, were as Chloe's is nearly black. She dresses in a leather body suit and is covered in various tatoos.


Eohlc has been Deraj's partner ever since day one, she has acompanied him to Jared's sublab, the fandom stabilizer's test site, the Star Trek fandom, Neb's tomb and the Metroid Prime fandom for no other reason than it gives her an excuse to fight. Deraj and Eolhc's partnership often appears very unstable, on the verge of violence sometimes.

Weapons and Gadgets[]

Eohlc carries an assortment of knives that serve as projectiles. She also has a collection of swords from various cultures and time periods, she will often select one before going on a mission to suit her needs, she will never take more than two swords with her into a fandom.

Chloe has the ability to summon a middle century European shield with extendeble blades on it's edges, in contrast Eohlc can summon a vaugly Spartan-esque disc shield with a radius of about half of Eohlc's height, this makes it much more effective as a defensive weapon as it can almost completly cover Eolhc's body behind it, eight blades can pop out of it's perimeter at regular intervals.