Emma Ai
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Name Emma Ai
Gender Female
Age 12
Introduced In "Insert Irate Victim of Supernatural Spam Here"

Emma Diffi Nair Deri Unice Queenie Ai (エッマ・アイ Emma Ai) was a Level 1 Sue.


Emma first appeared in the Jigoku Shoujo fandom, where she caused some confusion because certain factors shielded her true power rating, leading Charis to believe she was less than a Level 1. (Note: No level below Level 1 actually exists, because Level 0 describes only Permanently Prohibited Sues.)

Emma was disturbingly skinny for a girl who's supposed to be 12 years old, and her skin was so pale she appeared to be literally white. In the Jigoku Shoujo fandom Emma had replaced Emna Ai, and so she was clothed similarly to the canon character in a kimono with floral designs. (Incidentally, she would never consent to wear Emna's other uniform of a seifuku). Emma had coal-grey hair that was put up in a bun with pink chopsticks, and emerald green eyes that darkened to express her negative feelings. (Logically they would have probably lightened to express any positive feelings she had.)

At one time Emma was described as the weakest Sue the Society had ever encountered, with "less power than Emily prior to [the Society] taking her in". When Charis confronted Emma, she admitted to working under Lela Koi - but not for her - since "[Lela] has the right to command me because she is a Level 6 whereas I am Level 1". Emma appeared to have high regard for Lela since she referred to her as "Lela-sama"; however, Emma must not have known Lela for long, because she knew of Viva Skerry as well, who was a recent addition to Lela's side.


Emma was in the Jigoku Shoujo fandom doing nefarious deeds on the behalf of Lela. When Charis attempted to capture her things escalated into a fight, and there's evidence that Emma was not a great fighter. She was not trained and could only attack with the same kick at all times. Once she was defeated, Emma broke down crying like the child she truly was.

Emma lost all her powers upon capture, as per the theory that the Jigoku Shoujo's ability to send people to Hell lies in her bracelet, and the fact that Charis ensured the immediate return of the bracelet to the rightful "Hell Girl". Emma was brought back to the Library's basement, but seeing as she wasn't sighted during the mass breakout, it's been concluded that she was previously killed off at the hands of another stronger Sue or Stu. Unfortunately, such a thing was capable of happening before Robert stepped in to demand reformation of Basement policies,