Emily Foxblade
It's an Emily!! ^^
Name Emily Foxblade
Gender Female
Age 13
Introduced In "Insert Exceptionally Dramatic Clow Card Here"

Emily Foxblade (formerly known as Palm Tree Foxblade, パルム・トリー・フォクスブレイド Parumo Torī Fokusubureido, and also known as Emily Smith) is a former Level 1 Sue and now the youngest member of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Emily is the youngest of the Foxblade sisters; however unlike them, she does not have the same range of powers and talents. As Mary-Sue powers begin developing properly around puberty, and are subject to the emotional conditioning of that person, Emily was taken in by the Society, with the hopes that in the right environment, she would be able to avoid developing Sue powers completely. Though she has started to gain some skills that her sisters had, they are not developing with the same speed and intensity. When she is not working or at school, she likes to paint (often on the Library walls and ceilings to brighten the place up), invent new gadgets and weapons, play video games and explore the Library's extensive computer system. Her favourite piece of artwork is the large tree she painted onto the ceiling of her bedroom.

Emily attends an English secondary school in a small sub-fandom of the YuGiOh! world. She is currently in Year 9, and has two best friends, Anna and Miki. She has an almost frightening hatred of her school uniform.


Emily is currently 4’11" with short light brown hair (it was auburn when she was younger, but exposure to the sun bleached it) and blue eyes. Since joining the Society, it was discovered that she is short-sighted, and she wears small square glasses. She wears a small, palm leaf shaped hairclip to hold her fringe out of her eyes. She despises dresses and pretty clothes, preferring instead to wear jeans, long jumpers and tshirts. Her favourite item of clothing is her waistcoat, which was a gift from Creation (she is slowly developing a small collection of waistcoats in different colours and cuts). When she is in the lab, she wears a long white scientist coat. She loves fiddling with machines and has taken to hanging out with the Society technicians and helping to manufacture devices to stop Mary-Sues. In the absence of Phoenixia, she has started to teach herself about the Library's computer system, and probably knows it best out of all the agents.


Emily is usually friendly upon meeting for the first time, though not necessarily trusting. She has developed a snarky, dry sense of humour (probably picked up from hanging around with Harriet and Tash too much) and she is not afraid to stand up for herself. Because of her height, she despises people who treat her as a child, and will usually treat them coldly in return. She does not hand out respect easily, and only a small handful of people in the Library have earnt it, and she can hold a grudge for a very long time.

She is a devoted feminist, and most of her artwork reflects this. She adores cake, but under no circumstances should be let into the kitchen (it took Harriet, Tash, and Emma weeks to re-grow their eyebrows after that incident). She loves to fix things and is getting very adept at repairing computers, though her knack for technology does not stop her from making mistakes, as evidenced when she tried to fix the Anthropomorphiser and turned everyone in the Library into a cat.

Emily gets on well with everyone generally. She is especially fond of Harriet, Phoenixia, Tash, Beth, Valerie, Charis and Camille. Drake does not take well to Emily, as he "hates kids". Aster takes a liking to her, although she often tries to use Emily to perform odd jobs for her, despite Emily's insistence that she is not the maid. Aster also often tries to get Emily into anime/manga, but these attempts usually fail given that Emily takes little interest in them other than using them to study anatomy for her drawings (as manga-style drawings accentuate muscular details very well). Emily has developed a sisterly relationship with Phoenixia, and she often hangs around with Tash as the two are attempting to fix up the Manta together.

Having done the usual adolescent experimenting, Emily is pretty sure she is bisexual, though she leans toward women more than men.


Emily doesn’t like to talk about her past, but from the little she has stated, her relationship with her sisters became particularly strained after they all began developing and embracing their Sue powers. She admits that when she was younger she was a bit of a brat; however she became disdainful of her sisters' attitudes towards life and society (particularly to men). Having played a small part in Ashley and Aspen’s capture, she was taken in by the Society and renamed from Palm Tree Foxblade to Emily Smith by Harriet in the hope that they could raise the youngest member of this family into a fine upstanding adult. She was made exempt from Basement duties, so that she did not have to see any of her sisters behind bars.

During the invasion of the Library, Adrian attempted to get Emily and Lily to a safe place until the invasion was over. However, Emily became seperated and had to continue on her own. She ran into Ashley and Aspen, who wanted revenge on her for betraying them all. Before the twins could do anything, Willowe intervened, killing the twins, and leaving Emily with a letter of explaination and goodbye. The letter was later found to explain Willowe's motives for wanting to take over the world.

On Emily's 11th birthday, she accompanied Tash and Jess to the Sarah Jane Adventures fandom, where they attempted to catch Lisa Vine. Lisa and Emily faced off in Sarah Jane's attic, with Lisa questioning why Emily would betray her own kind. Emily retorted that she would rather live with the Society than Sues, and hit Lisa with her supersoaker. Later, Emily discovered a hidden message on the envelope which had carried Willowe's letter. It directed her to a park in the Twilight fandom, where Willowe spent the last of her days before the war. There Emily was delivered a package, which turned out to be the hairclip that Willowe had tried to give her for her tenth birthday, but which Emily had rejected. No one in the Society knows that Emily went to Twilight, nor do they know where she got the hairclip, or its significance, but they do know that Emily now never takes it off.

Half way through the summer, Harriet informed Emily that she had decided to enroll her in secondary school, to get her used to interacting with children her own age. Emily attended a small English school in a sub world of the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom (as England is on the other side of the world to Japan, it is unlikely that any canon events will affect her).

Not too long after Adrian's return, Emily discovered a low level Stu in the Beyond Good and Evil fandom, and with no one else around at the time, she took it upon herself to capture the Stu. Her plan backfired when the Stu was revealed to be working for a man known as the Doctor, who proved himself to have a startling knowledge of her. Before the Doctor could kill her, Michael arrived and took her back to the Library.

During a pleasure trip to watch the Sue Factor live final, the Society became trapped in the fandom by Runoa. In an effort to smuggle them out, the Society hid in the pocket dimension of Emily's handbag, while she left the building. Unfortunately she was detained by Runoa and a security guard. Though she managed to talk her way out of it, she was attacked by Edward Casanova as she attempted to leave. Edward (who had seen her earlier that evening) demanded to know where Phoenixia was, thus blowing Emily's cover. With the help of Ardelisa, Emily managed to escape into the vent system, and eventually up on to the roof. She sustained injuries from Runoa's Hellbinder, and was cornered on the rooftop. She managed to jump off the roof and plothole in midair back to the Library.

Emily was involved in the Basement Incident, being taken hostage along with several other agents. When the situation was resolved, she was freed with the rest of them, and only suffered a short-lasting chill and was a little shaken from the ordeal, but it wasn't a mug of hot chocolate and a bubble bath couldn't begin to help. Little lasting effects have been noted, and she was even supportive of Robert during his parole hearing.

Shortly after the start of the autumn term at school, Emily received a phone call from her sister Willowe. Shocked that she could still be alive, Emily headed to the Twilight fandom to meet her. Eventually Emily realised that the Willowe was fake, but before she could flee, she was taken to the forest, where Runoa showed up with the Sovereign Creation. Runoa explained that the copy of Willowe was one of Creation's better copies, meant to lure the last Foxblade out of the Library. Adrian, Tash and Phoenixia arrived before Runoa could drag Emily off. During the ensuing fight, Emily managed to grab one of Creation's sketchbooks, and when a tree came close to squashing her, she used it to generate a small shield bubble, burying her in the ground under the tree trunk. Emily eventually dug her way out, but not before Phoenixia's alter-ego Crickette succeeded in beating Adrian, Tash and Runoa half to death. Emily returned with Tash to the Library, and has since started sleeping with a nightlight.

Around this time, she decided to drop the arbitrarily-given surname of Smith to return to her original family name, Foxblade.

Not long after, Tash was kidnapped by Runoa and her Sovereigns while on a mission. Recognising where the leader was being held from clues left behind in one of Creation's sketchbooks, and feeling restless and left out (and goaded on by @), Emily decided to take the Manta and rescue Tash herself. After a mishap with the Emergency Water Landing Button, Emily crash landed the ship into the house the Sovereigns were using as a base, and inadvertantly knocking out Order with a well timed dinghy release. Tash as it transpired, did not need rescusing, and the two left, sending the Manta back to its home fandom before making their escape.

Just before her thirteenth birthday, Emily contracted Chickenpox from school, and quickly spread it around the Library. She was confined to the hospital wing for her birthday, but was allowed out a week later in order to take her entrance exam. She passed, and celebrated by going on a hugging spree around the Library. Emily also played a minor role in the Society's mission to The Hunger Games fandom, by jamming all outgoing media signals from the fandom, and preventing any details as to Wisdom's whereabouts from reaching the outside world (though this eventually ended up not being necessary, as the chance to explain the situation to Passion never came up).

Emily's first official mission happened over six months after passing her exam, with the detection of a level five Sue in the Sherlock fandom. Despite being hungover from the night before, Emily took the mission, unaware that Harriet had stationed the entire Society nearby under the pretext of enjoying Afternoon Tea, just in case anything went wrong. After locating the Sue, and exchanging barbs, the two agreed to work out the situation peacefully, only for Sally to turn around and escape the moment Emily's back was turned.

Unique Abilities and Items[]


Alone of everyone else in the Society (who need to use Plothole Generators), Emily can generate Plotholes at will. This is one of her Mary-Sue powers, and as of now, it appears to be her only one.


Emily's only real weapon is her supersoaker, which she began using after assisting in the cleaning out of Kitchen Two. During this time her supersoaker was filled with vodka and placed within reach of a lighter, to form a simplified flamethrower. After the incident with the Plot Bunnies at Halloween, Emily began filling it with Fangirl-Strength Disinfectant, as it is strong enough to cause dramatic burns to the skin of Mary-Sues, and even disintergrate Plot Bunnies.

More recently, Emily has further modified her supersoaker to take two extra barrels which she can switch between with a flick of a switch. One contains All Purpose Cavity Plot Insulation, while the other contains Brain Bleach. She always has two extra bottles of each for refills, which are kept in her bag, and her supersoaker has an S.E.P. Field attached to it, so no one takes notice of it. As of her mission to Sherlock, she has developed a 'shotgun' mode for her supersoaker, which fires a concerntrated burst of the chosen substance, rather than a continuous stream. While this method uses less of the ammo, it has a much further range (up to 50 feet as opposed to the standard 30) and larger force.


  • Emily's favourite subjects at school are Art, IT and Maths. Her least favourite are English, French and P.E (not because she's bad at it, but because she doesn't like the uniform).
  • She has a tendency to walk into windows if she is not careful.
  • She loves pizza, and will vomit if you offer her salad.
  • Emily has been trained at The Jenny School of Good Kidnapping and consequently can't wait to get kidnapped for real.
  • Her theme song is Children by Escala.
  • Her birthday is the 27th of February.

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