Name Ekard
Gender Male
Age Late teens/early twenties
Introduced In "Insert Muddled Holiday Here"

Ekard is an agent of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society, as well as a character foil for Drake.



Ekard is Drake's cruel and sadistic counterpart from the Protection Society's dimension. He believes wholeheartedly in the Society's purpose of protecting Sues and Stus and hates the entire Elimination Society, but especially his counterpart. Ekard prefers to let his enemies suffer before he finishes them off and this has allowed Society agents to escape from him on two separate occasions. 

In addition to his normal duties of guarding Sues, he also sets traps for his enemies, usually preferring to let his targets exhaust themselves before moving in to finish the job himself. He rarely attacks alone though, instead having another Pro-Cliché Agent as backup or one of his personal vehicles close by.


Like Drake his eyes are brown and his hair dark brown. He wears a red and gold jacket with a red flame desgin on the back. His t-shirit is white and bares an image of an Eastern dragon in red. He wears black jeans with red and black sneakers.

Unique Abilites and Items[]

It could be assumed that he has some skill with magic, but he has yet to prove this. He has trained on and can pilot several different fandom vehicles and robots.

Dragon Scale Suit Ex: His version of Drake's armor. It possesses the same powers as Drake's suit, increasing Ekard's strength, speed, and reflexes to the same level and allowing to him endure large amounts of damage. In bracelet form, the band is gold with a red Eastern dragon circling around it. His armor is red and gold with a sinister and slim look to it. The visor of his helmet is green. The armor includes a spear and Ekard can preform the Erupting Earth attack by striking the ground with it and sending a shockwave of energy at his target. He can charge his fist or foot with a combination of fire and earth magic to use the Drought Punch or Kick.

Jet Sliger: A large motorcycle-like vehicle found in the Kamen Rider Faiz fandom. Ekard salvaged the remains of one destroyed during the course of that fandom's events and had it rebuilt into his own personal battlecraft. It can fly or run across the ground, though its more manuverable on the ground. Its armaments include a Photon Cannon on the front and a pair of missile racks to either side of it. The racks each fire eight missiles each of which splits into a further eight. Ekard also installed a Plothole Generator in it. This craft is currently being rebuilt after being destroyed in a battle between Drake and Ekard in the AvP fandom.