Drake Dragonsoul
Name Drake Dragonsoul
Gender Male
Age Late teens/early twenties
Introduced In "Insert Random Music Related Word Here"

Drake Dragonsoul is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



“I cheat and lie and I enjoy every moment of it.”

Drake is something of a loner, often found reading a book or surfing the internet in an empty room of the Library. He avoids discussing his past with other agents due to his more immoral pursuits.

Despite his dislike for authority, he is very dedicated to capturing Sues and Stus, believing their machinations to be nothing more than glorified mind control. His relationship with the Society Leaders is one of respect. He gets along best with other male agents, particularly the ones with a penchant for causing trouble. (Whether it's their own fault or not.) Tyler is probably his closest friend in the Society.

Most of his mischief is the result of boredom, he stockpiles most of the chocolate he steals rather than eat it. Drake has been known to try and bribe other agents with a handleful of candy bars or other treats. He likes to collect things and his room is filled with weapons, gadgets, and other valuables from various fandoms. (None of them are unique.)

He usually takes the direct approach in combat, confronting his opponents head-on. If that strategy fails, he's capable of coming up with other plans, but the plan often ends with another fight. He enjoys fighting, often taking time to insult his enemies.

Drake's choice in music includes rock and metal. His favorite songs are mostly themes from Kamen Rider or Super Sentai. His favorite video games are mostly action and platforming games and he dislikes most shooter games.


About 5'8" tall and rather skinny, Drake has dark brown hair and brown eyes. His normal wardrobe consists of a blue and silver jacket worn over a black t-shirt. The shirt vaires, but it usually bears a blue dragon on it. The rest of his outfit consists of blue jeans and white sneakers.



Drake hasn't revealed much of his past to the Society. At some point in time, he stole a Dragon Brace from the Beast Knights Guild of his home fandom and worked as part of group of outlaws.

Joining the Society (Season 1)[]

Plucked out of his fandom by his author, Drake joined the Society. His training mission brought him into contact with the Mary-Sue known as Abigail Von Schtick, an adversary he would encounter several times. He used his armor to battle her, but was on the losing end of the battle until he managed to Prohibit her. She still managed to escape the fandom by threatenign the life of a minor character.

His next mission yielded better results as he managed to capture the robotic Stu Mytheus Primal. He again failed to capture a Sue in the Spyro fandom when his crush on a character distracted him long enough for his target to escape.

Abigail resurfaced in the Super Sentai fandom and Drake confronted her. Unfortunately, she had gained control of a team of characters and Drake was forced to retreat. He enlisted the aid of the fandom's villains and created a monster to distract the canon characters while he battled Abigail. He managed to defeat her, but ended up shorting out his armor. Without the armor, he was forced to recruit Venom to help him capture a Sue in the Spectacular Spider-man fandom.

He managed to find several copies of books from his home fandom in the Library and used them to repair and upgrade his armor in time to battle a Sue in the Freakazoid fandom. After sending a boulder through the Library's wall, Drake and Tyler were dispatched to the Halloween Town to apprehend a Sue, but ended up facing their Protection Society counterparts. They matched their opponents blow for blow until the Sue ordered the entire town to capture the two agents. Fortunately, the rest of the Society showed up to rescue them.

Drake faced Abigail again in the Warriors fandom. Turned into a cat by the fandom's nature, he found himself unable to use his armor and had to fight with his newly aquired claws and teeth. He managed to kill Abigail, but he had gained nine lives from the fandom and Drake retreated when the canon characters joined the battle. He worked up a plan to trap her and managed to knock her out, finally imprisoning her in the Library basement.

The Super-Sue Saga[]

Drake, Tyler, Pete, and Camille confronted the Anisues, a group looking to steal the Animal-Morphing technology from the Animorphs fandom. They managed to capture all but one member of the group who escaped.

He entered the Crash Bandicoot fandom to capture a pair of Sues, but due to a misunderstanding ended up fighting the main protagonists. Several more Society agents showed up and tried to explain that there is something strange about the level readings of the Sues in the fandom before they were attacked by Raven and his creation, Super-Sue. The battle went poorly for the Society Agents until a flaw in Super-Sue's design expanded her energy and they overwhelmed her. Raven retreated along with his creation.

Volunteering for a mission in the Temeraire fandom, Drake found himself outmatched by a dragon and then double teamed by Ekard and Neb. He managed to escape the two Protection Society agents and later captures the Sue.

Just before Halloween, Drake found himself lured into a trap by Raven and facing Super-Sue without backup. Despite the load of weapons he brought along nothing seemed to phase the Sue. He finally resorted to bringing the roof down on them, but even that failed to stop her and it left Drake unable to fight back. Raven decided to spare his life and again left with his creation. Unfortunately, Ekard showed up and captured Drake.

Ekard dropped a healed Drake into an alien infested-pyramid to watch him die. Drake managed to fight his way out, only for Ekard to ambush him with a modified Jet Slinger. The vehicle gave the doppleganger an edge, until Drake managed to destroy it, stealing Ekard's Plothole Generator and escaping in time for the Halloween Party.

When Super-Sue betrayed Raven, he handed over a disc with instructions on how to track her. The Society attacked Super-Sue, but she summoned an army of demonic snowmen to counter them. Drake fought the snowmen army along with the other agents, until Super-Sue lost her concentration due to fighting Raven, Tash, Adrian and Aster. Raven killed his creation and the Society retreated as Super-Sue exploded.

Drake assisted in an attempt to capture Persia, using his newly created motorcycle. Raven and Ekard showed up and rescued the Sue. Persia was unleashed in the SWAT Kats fandom with a giant robot. When Drake went to interfere, Raven's disc swoops through the plothole. He entered the fandom and Raven explained that the disc had copied the data on several of the Society's gadgets. He distracted Drake with a Can of Evil before Persia moved in. With help from the SWAT Kats, Drake managed to destroy the mecha, but Persia escaped. Raven discovered that his disc contained nothing, but the recordings of the Society's Christmas Kareoke.

The Library Invasion[]

Drake and Tyler discovered the Sues had escaped when Chi stumbled upon the two agents caught in one of Adrian's traps. She taunted the two for their stupidity before falling into a trap herself. The two agents escaped and watched the Sue's plight with amusement before deciding to head for the armory. They encountered several Sues on the way there, including Abigail. While Tyler distracted their enemies, Drake managed to find a gas gun and knock them.

Before they could arm up, Tyler angered a Venusaur and the two are forced to flee from the enraged Pokémon. Adrian sent Drake back to his home fandom, where he took out his anger out at being left out of the fight on several of the creatures inhabiting his homeland.

He was shocked to learn of Adrian's death upon his return and returned to his room. He found Abigail, but didn't feel like fighting her until she taunted him. Drake realized that he'd always treated his Society duties as a game until that moment and decided to fight her. Abigail moved to the Super Sentai fandom and Drake battled her there. When Drake gained the upper hand, Abigail prepared a self-destruct attack. Drake countered with his Double Storm Kick and managed to survive the blast, albeit not unharmed.

Season 2[]

Drake was one of the first agents to attack Death after the Sovereign stabbed Chrys. He attacked together with Kyle, only for the Sovereign to shrug off their assualt. Drake was temporarly knocked aside before rejoining the assult and cornering the Sovereign together with Pete. Death retailiated by severing their weapons and impaling them with their own blades. They escaped the battle with a Scene Transition and played no further part in the fight.

Taking a vacation sometime after the battle, Drake returned to the Library only to be sent on a mission before he had a chance to unpack. He asked for backup and Michael accompanied him into the GARO fandom. Drake battled the Stu while Michael distracted the canon hero he controlled. During the course of the battle, Drake was separated from Michael and a new figure entered the fight. Calling himself Griff, the man summoned a set of armor similiar to Drake's and knocked out the Stu. He attacked the Society agent, claiming he had stolen something called the Chimera Brace. Drake had never heard of anything such thing. Griff managed to defeat Drake, but Michael showed up along with Pete, Tyler, Ben, and Cristoph. The five agents quickly overwhelmed him and he retreated.

Tash and Michael questioned Drake as to Griff's origins. He told them about the Beast Knights of his home fandom and admitted that it was entirely possible he'd come in contact with a Chimera Brace and not known it. He decided to return to his home fandom and attempt to resolve the conflict.

Unique Abilities and Items[]

Dragon Brace[]

Drake's primary weapon. The Dragon Brace is a magical item stolen from the Beast Knights Guild. Inactive, it takes the form of a blue and silver bracelet with wings, tails, and claws wrapped around it. A dragon head with a blue gem set in its forehead covers the top of the bracelets. Drake usually actives the brace by shouting "Wardrobe Change!" The trinket then releases motes of blue light that form around him into his armor.

Dragon Scale Armor[]

The active form of the Dragon Brace. The suit covers Drake from head to toe. Silver armor covers his feet with claw-like designs. Segments of blue armor cover his legs while the chest area is silver with blue around it and covering the back where a black cape stretches down to his waist. His shoulder pads are shaped-like wings. Blue armor covers his arms with the Dragon Brace visible on his left wrist and a simpler silver bracelet on his right. Armor covers his hands and his fingers end in slight points, looking slightly like claws, but being useless for combat. His helmet is modelled after a dragon's head. His purple glass visor is shaped like an open mouth. A pair of silver horns extend above the helmet above a set of purple eyes. The armor enhances Drake's speed, strength, and agility as well as supplying increased reistance to harm.

Storm Kick[]

Blue electricity covers Drake's foot as kicks his opponent. Drake usually using a flying kick version of this attack, but can use other forms of this attack. He can use the attack in quick succession a few times before it tires him.

Storm Punch[]

The same as the Storm Kick, just with punching instead. The Kick is more powerful, but the Punch drains less energy.

Iron Wing[]

A defensive move. Drake pulls his cape up and the fabric hardens into a tough silver substance. The cape can easily withstand small-caliber gun fire and moderately powered energy blasts. More powerful attacks damage the shield or just outright destroy it.

Double Storm Kick[]

Drake's most powerful attack. The winds in the immediate vicinity start howling as storm clouds begin gathering over head. (The attacks power depends partially on the weather, if a thunder storm is close by, the attack will be at its greatest, while a sunny cloudless day while often causes only a single small cloud to hover above Drake.) Drake performs a two-footed flying kick, lightning shooting from the sky to charge up the attack. This attack can't be used in quick succession like the others.

Dragon Tail Spear[]

An ornate blue shaft tipped with a silver spearhead. Drake can summon this weapon at will and teleport it into his hands even after throwing it.

Slicing Gale[]

An attack used with the spear. Drake swings the weapon and crescent arcs of blue wind magic launch at his target. The attack can slice through weak material and dent strong armor.

Storm Blade[]

Main article: Storm Blade

A blue and silver motorcycle that Jared built for Drake after he lent him several weapons for a mission. The bike includes the same canonizing device as Chevila enabling it to become a canon part of a fandom. It also includes a remote control device connected to Drake's communicator which the agent uses to summon the bike. Thanks to the Plothole Generator installed wthin the vehicle it can reach him almost anywhere.

Deck Strategy[]

Drake has constructed several different Duel Monsters decks, but his favorite and probably the strongest is based around the Dragon Lords, Felgrand Dragon, Tyrant Dragon, Darkblaze Dragon as well as several more high-level monsters. The deck focuses on quickly summoning these powerful creatures and beating down the opponent. Because of the large concentration of tribute monsters, he runs the risk of getting dead draws, but he makes up for it with several drawing cards.


  • Drake's catchphrase for when things go wrong is "What a gyp!"
  • Drake dislikes children.
  • Drake's room contains a gun rack filled with unique weaponry from a multitude of fandoms as well as a safe for his more valuable possessions. The safe can only be opened with a ten-digit numerical code. His less important collections tend to lay around his room, usually piled in heaps on the floor.
  • Drake dislikes Oneshots since he has trouble swallowing pills without a glass of water and also because he thinks the pills taste bland.
  • He has shapeshifted into a dragon and a cat in order to fit into the Spyro the Dragon and Warriors fandoms respectively.
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