Douglas "Doug" Kreig
Douglas kreig new.jpg
Name Douglas "Doug" Kreig
Gender Male
Age Unknown (appears to be 16)
Introduced In "Insert Unlimited Talents Here""

Douglas "Doug" Kreig (name romanized similarly in German) was an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


"When in doubt, C4"- Doug before blasting through another Library door.

Doug serves as an envoy to his author.


"Many people think my height makes me Stuish, but being tall is a norm in my author's world" Doug on being the tallest four in the Society

Douglas Kreig is the third member of the Society who is not a Self-Insert; he is a character created by his author of the same name. He's taller than his author; 6'0" in height compared to his shorter 5'7" creator. He has the same face as the author; although more European than his Asian creator. He wears three different outfits depending on the type of fandom he enters. He wears a priest's outfit when he travels to fandoms where magic and swordfights are commonplace, a full military outfit where guns became the weapons of choice, or a casual T-shirt and long pants in fandoms where violence is not necessary.


"I put claymores by the doorway to the armory to prevent missing weapons. And some sensor explosives on my noodle stock."

Doug can be said to be quite violent and militaristic; considering his love of weapons and his tendency to use explosives to enter rooms in the Library (looks like Aster is not the only one to cause explosions in the Library), and also wears full Special Forces uniform. This is largely due to the author’s borderline obsession with Call of Duty and Counter-Strike games. But because of his stature of being a soldier, he is very loyal and will help anyone who needs it. He can be very protective; which led him to sustain injuries for the team.

Because of the Society’s rules and regulations of taking in the Sues alive, he modified his weapons to be non-lethal. His most notable contribution was the Copyright darts; which will only be issued to those who know how to handle a gun (so the Society Agents won’t hurt themselves). He’s now working on a prototype Copyright launcher that functions like a paintball gun; if only he could turn the stickers into a liquid form. He’s also planning to move his Chemistry Lab into the library so he can continue modifications to Society equipment (be prepared for chemical explosions).

In order to deal with Sues and Stus in Black List fandoms, the author made him into a halfling, which he was in a scrapped fanfiction comic. This is due to Maya Mariana, one of the main antagonists in the comic who never appeared in any of the first pages, and who escaped from her cryo tube and away from the author’s world. Doug has a limit to which his halfling abilities can serve him. He needs to drink blood once he's lost amounts of it during battle, otherwise he would go berserk (there is no distinction between friend and foe in this mode) and his wounds will heal much slower too. If the enemy could survive his berserk mode, he would eventually bleed to death.

But he’s not all violent as he is portrayed, Doug enjoys listening to love music, enjoys cooking, and enjoys parodying scenes from many movies and TV shows. He can be quite shy, but if you speak to him first, he’ll open up to you. He likes to joke around during his free time, even pulling pranks on any unsuspecting Society Agent that may cross his path.


"I was once my author's self-insert, and time evolved me into the character I am now."

Douglas Kreig (in the tube) and his creator (in white labcoat) in the character storage facility, where characters are kept temporarily while awaiting use in a fiction.

Doug and his author have had a really long relationship together. He was the third character the author has created in his 8 years as being a then-comic artist, and now author and still life artist. His name was created at the same time the author took the nickname. And Kreig, his family name, was a misspelling of the word Krieg, which means "war" in German.

Hunting Maya[]

When Doug joined the Society, his first Sue was a Level 7 Sue named Maya. In their first encounter, Doug pursued her, and she was chased out by copyrighted characters. When Maya tried to hide in the Blood+ fandom, Doug broke the rules and went in alone. Maya managed to impale him, but his halfling abilities allowed him to recover from the gaping wound in his chest. In Black Lagoon, Doug pursued her with Adrian and an experimental Prohibitor. The entire Society went into the Call of Duty fandom and fought through the streets to pursue Maya at the centre of the map. Ben and Doug nuked her just to get her trapped in the Command and Conquer fandom, where they finally caught her with five Prohibitors and was immediately returned to the Author, who erased her memory and returned the character Ingrid as a blank slate to the Society.

Battles and Trials[]

Wanting to learn more about his collegues, he went into the Godfather fandom with Aster to capture a Stu named Alitair Mason. It was rather unfortunate for the Stu, as he got impaled by Aster for insulting her.

Doug then entered the Iron Man fandom with Pete, and they encountered Venice and the PCMSPS Agents. A fight ensued, but an entry by Neb into the Author's world and stealing technology signed a death warrant for him. The Author's best characters came on and pursued them as well, causing Venice and the PCMSPS to retreat.

During one of his external missions on the PCMSPS, Doug was blown up by an IED, causing his twin Rina to take his place with Tyler into the Surrogates fandom. PCMSPS Agents appeared to protect Venice. Pete and Charis finally bonded, and Ekard was revealed to be the one who ordered the hit on Doug. To prevent further damage by crossovers from Terminator, the Author authorized excessive force on the fandom and began cleaning up the mess. Doug did return to the Society however, but was bound to a wheelchair. Many Agents took advantage of this.

When Doug finally managed to walk again, he took Karissa to the Rave Master fandom. There he met his local Wanderer contacts, and began pursuing Venice. His Wanderer contacts took the main charcters out of the battle, leaving Doug and Karissa to deal with the Sue. They managed to capture the Sue, but she was permanently Prohibited for Doug had instilled fear in the Sue.

When there was in influx of Suenergy in the Jumper fandom, Doug and Charis went to investigate. They found Sues and Stus with no names, all attempting to kill Doug. Doug killed them off, only to find the perpetrator behind the scenes, Aryan, an old foe to the Wanderers. It was here revealed that Doug had died once, and now he's back to finish the job. This caused the Author to stick his hands into Society business, which was unfavourable.

With the death of Adrian looming after the first battle with Willowe, Doug had decided to reture from the Society. Thus he installed Ingrid as his replacement. Together with Kyle, they entered the GI Joe fandom with the Wanderers to find a creation of the PCMSPS, PCMSPS troops and commanders. They managed to sabotage 85% of the bulk, which slowed down PCMSPS efforts.

Doug and Ingrid entered the Transformers fandom without the consent of the Society to rescue one of their own. The Society managed to get in to retrieve them, but was too late. Doug had been kidnapped by Aryan, in order to create the counter-Wanderer. The Wanderers were frantically searching for him, as his skill level was as competent as Adrian's; the Society was down with that one man.

The final showdown took place in the Modern Warfare 2 fandom, where most of the Agents participated a joint operation with the Wanderers to save Doug. They found him in 'The Gulag' with the help of the Wanderers. When they did find him, he told them he's not coming out until he finds Aryan's base of operations, which was located at the game's Site Hotel Bravo. The ACMSES and the Wanderers retreated, while Ingrid and Doug disappeared into the fandom. They went to the base and pursued Aryan. A chase ensued, then a fist fight with a knife sticking out of Ingrid's chest. When she woke from her coma, it was revealed that Doug had died.

Weapons, Items and Abilities[]

"It's not that I don't like magic and futuristic weapons; most of the futuristic weapons are experimental and magic ability was given to my other two brothers."

Doug is a very down-to-earth kind of Agent; he uses swords and modern military-grade equipment to his advantage.

Death Knight Sword[]

Main article: Death Knight Sword

The Death Knight Sword is one of a pair, the other used by Rina Kreig. It can transform between a sword and a dagger, generally for ease of transportation.

Copyright Darts[]

Main article: Copyright#Copyright Darts

A modification for the standard Copyright sticker, these darts are useful if Sues make it impossible for you to approach a fandom character to put the sticker on. They’re not as useful as sticking the stickers on a character directly, largely due that the darts having to be in contact with the skin all the time and a simple tug can remove its effects. Currently, he is the only one to possess such equipment.

Grappling Prohibitor[]

Main article: Prohibitor#Grappling Prohibitor

An experimental Prohibitor first used in the mission to Black Lagoon. It works like a grappling hook, grabbing the Sue and taking away her powers like a normal Prohibitor, with a range of 50 metres. But snapping the wire that connects the grappling hook to the launcher renders it useless, thus the word "experimental". In Call of Duty, the weapon has been upgraded to version II, more durable than the first version, but it didn't have EMP shielding, thus the failure of capturing Maya. The final version, used in Command and Conquer, has a built in Taser system that prevents the Sue from making any last stands. But all these built-in devices and the durability of the gadget increases its production cost, thus the Society gets only 5 units.

Laughing gas grenades[]

The latest gadget for the ACMSES arsenal, used in Call of Duty. When used, it expels a gas which causes anyone within the area to laugh uncontrollably and the effects can last up to three hours. Users who plan to go into the gas cloud to capture a Sue or Copyright a character will have to wear gas masks to prevent themselves from falling victims to the gas. For immediate relief from the gas, one should breathe through an oxygen mask for a duration of 30 seconds. The gadget is now awaiting confirmation from the Society to be fielded.

Power Ranking[]

Main article: The Power Ranking
  • Intelligence: A-
  • Wisdom: S
  • Strength: B+
  • Defense: A-
  • Weapons skill: Ranged (A) Melee(A-)
  • Magic: D-
  • Agility: A-
  • Charisma: B


  • Doug is the oldest among the Wanderers.
  • Doug is the only known character to stand up against Shirley, Ben's muse.
  • Doug and Cristoph have a friendly rivalry between each other, competing to be the 'Deadliest Warrior' or something...
  • His theme music is "Zodiac Chase" by Hans Zimmer.
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