Douglas (author)
Name Douglas (author)
Gender Male
Age will never be revealed
Introduced In "Insert Overuse of Nuclear Devices Here"

Douglas (author) (Author #22) is the author of Douglas Kreig, Ingrid Nunn, and the Wanderers.



"I'm not tall enough."

Douglas is the name chosen (also known as "the Author" so as to not to be confused with Douglas Kreig) so the author does not have to put his real, full name. Furthermore, it is easier for Westerners to pronounce. The author fears that people might steal his identity (especially watching movies about identity theft), thus he goes under the name of his character, gdouglas56 or noob_killer in FPS games. He would normally be seen in a white labcoat and wearing spectacles, and he looks like his character, only more Asian and shorter.


"Once everyone learns how to work as a nation, then democracy can flourish. Before that, dictatorship is needed to bring the people as one," the author on political issues.

The author himself is practically shy, but opens up when being talked to or there's a conversation of interest going on. Some of those subjects are race, politics, war, conspiracy, philosophy, games and last but not least, about cars. The author rarely reads books; which breaks the common stereotype about authors being bookworms themselves. But he watches lots of movies and plays games, which is a common occurance in his life. Therefore, most of his inspirations come from these types of media. He also rarely watches anime; the only way to get his attention is to get his attention is that the anime has a catchy theme song, has good visual effects or forcefully introduced into him. But the anime requires pulling power to get him glued to his seat, otherwise he would get bored and go back to playing games.


"High detail comics? Takes too long,"

The author began writing after improving his drawing styles, thus comics take longer to produce; time which the author didn't have. He wrote his first lines in conjunction with a friend, then off to his first full-length story, 'Faternal Angels'. It was obviously shoddy, but nevertheless his first fic (it's going through a rewrite). His characters were a bit Sue-ish when they were first created, but they've come a long way through improvements using the same characters. That way, he rarely creates Sues in his stories. The improvements can also be owed to his constant creation of fictional units for RTS games, which requires tedious game balancing. He also has a lot of characters to maintain; recently he had to create a list just to keep track of the characters he created. His first novellete is indeed his longest; 101 pages and complete, ready to be posted on Fanfiction.Net. After that is done, the author plans to take a break by writing shorter fictions until another surge of imagination comes in for another novellete.

The Author's World[]

"Ok, one's done. Time to build another."

The author's world can be said to be huge, only to be rivalled in size by the Library Arcanium (the Library exists in a transdimensional space; the author's world is within the author's imagination). There, he resides in a huge island fortress, where he controls a fictional army he created from his two fictions; one a fanfic of the 'Command and Conquer' world and another from an original fic, 'TSWAT' (defined by Adrian as 'Sealed Army In A Can'), and inside the fortress is a cryogenic storage facility for characters. The army has two divisions; Nazerian Imperial Forces (cameo in "Insert Overuse of Nuclear Devices Here", followed by the complete division in ""Insert Calculating Strategist Here"") and Democratic Republican Forces (used in "Insert Overuse of Nuclear Devices Here"). Douglas Kreig puts a door; a portal, to connect the Library to this world in the encyclopaedia section with the word 'Guardian' imprinted on its side (Douglas Kreig is one of the many characters in the author's inner circle, the elite, dubbed 'The Guardians', a homage to one of the author's fiction, 'The Journey'). A pen-shaped key is needed to open the portal to this world, and only Tash, Adrian, and Ben possess such keys. Any person that enters the portal can randomly appear anywhere within the world; from unknown man-made islands to on a hijacked plane.

The second world (briefly mentioned in "Insert Giant Suit of Armour Here"), is an Earth-like world that will consist countries (which will be created by the author's friends), possessing political, economic, cultural and military influence in that world(a wikia may be created for this). This world may play a part for the Society; since one of the Library entrances will be established there. Currently, it is still under construction (should be completed by the time "Insert Red Skies Twilight" began).

In Insert Another Classic War Story Here, the world was invaded by Aryan, turning the author-created Capital City into a war zone. In the aftermath, he 'resigned' from his position as ruler of the nation and became one of the 'CEOs' of the primary private military contractor of the world; "Cliffhanger Defense Technologies".


  • The author can hold a grudge, so the right words and first impressions are important when meeting him.
  • He has a file solely to keep all his drawings, so they remind him of the evolution of his drawing styles till this day.
  • He is a hyperactive person, which is the reason why he'd jump straight into watching an anime/movie rather than reading the books/manga.
  • The first comic he's ever read is Archie Comics.
  • His full Chinese name is similar to that of the present Singapore Prime Minister.