Name Disclaimer
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In 50 Words About the Society - Karissa and Charis (Facebook Note)

The Disclaimer is a gadget used by Society Agents.


Charis invented the Disclaimer as a result of a spur-of-the-moment idea. According to her logic, Sues practiced their persuasion on characters using words - if some gadget could mute their voices completely while in a fandom, then wouldn't the amount of mischief that they could cause be limited?

The first experimental Disclaimer blew up during testing, releasing a gas into areas adjacent to the Science corridor within the Library that temporarily stole Agents' voices. Tash was wary that mass-produced Disclaimers might contain the same defect that caused the original to explode, and so the Disclaimer has not yet been slotted for mass production.

However, Charis has made revisions to eight new Disclaimers to-date, and extensive testing in Jared's sub-fandom (time to do so was generously loaned by said Agent) has concluded without incident. Currently the Disclaimer's one drawback is that it is only effective on Sues who originated from mainstream fandoms. Sues that came from original stories seem to have some inbred immunity against the mysterious compound released by the Disclaimer.

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