Name Deraj
Gender Male
Age unknown
Introduced In "Insert Pseudo Latin Interjections Here"

Deraj is an agent of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society, as well as a character foil for Jared.



Deraj is a bit of a loudmouth, and has a very lax personality, however this can very easily turn to aggression in properly provoked. Deraj also has no concept of loyalty and will gladly stab anybody in the back if it suits his own purposes.


For the most part, Deraj looks exactly like Jared, except his hair is much messier, he wears a brown leather jacket and a red shirt, as well as a pair of carpenter pants to make it easier to carry all of his gadgets.


When Deraj first became active, he began to work on something he called Project Sue Storm, a device that's current function has not yet been revealed. Nearly all his efforts have gone towards building and testing the device, no matter what the cost may be. He even went so far as to breaking into Jared's sublab and stealing the blueprints for Chevila's canonization device. He was also instramental for the failure of the Fandom Stabilizer when he unhooked and stole the flux capacitor from the inside of the device, outside the knowlage of the rest of the Pro-Cliche and Mary-Sue Protection Society. Deraj and his partner Eolhc would have participated in the battle that took place when the ACMSES was tricked into thinking Ben had betrayed them, except for the fact that he was informed that Jared was in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fandom at the time. His desire to capture him as a test subject for Sue Storm resulted in him ditching the rest of the PCMSPS. However, Jared managed to escape Deraj's trap, possibly killing a Mary Sue by the name of Fiona in the process.

More recently he has attacked Jared and Doug in the Metroid Prime fandom in order to capture a test subject for the Sue Storm device. After an intense battle Deraj managed to defeat Jared and escape in his car. Doug and the rest of his Agents were left behind in the fandom due to a lock-out device designed to make plothole generators ineffective. Deraj brought Jared back to PCMSPS headquarters, where he began to experiment on his mind. Before he could complete his experiments, he was attacked by Kyle and Doug, and was horribly beaten. Doug and Kyle quickly ran to Jared's rescue, only to be stopped by Cassandra. When Cassandra was captured, she managed to overload the Sue Storm device, which damaged the PCMSPS ship's engines. It was forced to make an emergency landing on the planet Norian, which is controlled by the Galactic Federation, and there Retsa and Deraj were found discussing their plans for Sue Storm.

The plans never came to fruition as they were stolen soon after they were drawn up. Upon seeing his life's work taken away, Deraj's sanity (and hygiene) rapidly declined, and he even went so far as to attack Retsa when she ordered him not to pursue the stolen device. He managed to track down the device again in the Marvel Comics adaptation of Godzilla, where he brutally tried to murder the Sue involved. The Sue, upon seeing that her death at Deraj's hands was imminent, self-destructed the device, forcing Deraj to retreat. As punishment for his betrayal, Retsa began to torture him while he was strapped into one of the PCMSPS healing machines. His access privileges have since been reduced.

He recently went on a solo mission to the Batman: Arkham Asylum fandom in order to retrieve the Sue Storm device from a legion of Sues that had been identified as the group who originally stole the device. Unfortunately for him, he was forced to retreat when Jared and Chloe intervened.

Most recently he has been involved with Aryan's plot to kidnap Doug.

Before joining the PCMSPS, Deraj claims to have been an ice cream man. But he says he was forced into leaving that profession after a horrible incident involving incendiary rounds.

Weapons and Gadgets[]

  • The Flashbar: While Jared's weapon is a hammer made of solid sound, Deraj's weapon is a crowbar made of solid light. It is capable of releasing blinding flashes of light upon impact, and has roughly the same power and radius as a standard flash bang. It also has a hidden blade that can be deployed by twisting the handle.
  • The visor: Deraj wears a visor that protects him from blinding himself when he uses the flashbar. It can also see into the infared and magnetic spectrums if tuned to the proper settings; on one occasion he has used it as an X-ray device.
  • Deraj drives drives a Toyota Camry named Toyotanya that seems to be able to canonize in a way similar to Chevila, but much more effectively. E.g. In the Star Trek fandom where Chevila became a shuttle craft, Toyotanya became a Klingon Bird of Prey. It was destoryed on his mission to the Godzilla fandom.
  • Deraj carries a revolver that has been modified so heavily that it can only hold one bullet, because of this and Deraj's love of theatrics and drama, Deraj will usaually fire only in dramatic situations. It can also fire energy blasts designed by Retsa that can corrupt Persona.
  • Little Plastic Spetsnaz: Deraj converted 24 captured Little Plastic Green Beret soldiers and overwrote their programming with a version of the Osiris program. The program, however, conflicted with the built-in code to perform like soldiers and transformed them into the LPS - miniature soldiers designed to mirror the special forces of the Soviet Union. Deraj is particularly fond of one soldier in particular that he likes to carry around with him in his jacket pocket or on his shoulder.

Sue Storm Device[]

The Sue Storm device was designed by Deraj to corrupt creative energy, making fandoms easier for Sues to warp. The device, properly modified can also cause violent transformation of members of The Great Personae in Sues/Stus. The prototype was destroyed by Cassandra; a full scale model was in the planning stages before they were stolen by a mysterious organization, whom Deraj has sworn to oppose at all cost.