Deliha Brightflower
Name Deliha Brightflower
Gender Female
Introduced In "Insert Paranoid Alien Hunter Here"

Deliha Brightflower is a Level 4 Sue.



Deliha has bright blonde hair, which is her major distinguishing feature.


After getting bored of her home fandom, she went search for crack, but ended up in a fandom where the crack was too much even for her - Invader Zim.


Deliha originates from the High School Musical fandom

She sought to catch the attention of Dib by getting herself captured by Zim, but a well-timed Copyright made sure she couldn't twist the former's usual intentions and foiled her plans. Rhia then prepared to retrive her form the cage in which she had found herself, but before she could make the arrest she was interrupted by the Sovereign Passion, who forced both Deliha and Rhia into a game of Laser Tag. The winner would be allowed to leave unmolested, though whether maimed or dying from laser blasts was another matter. Deliha however cheated by climbing the walls to get a better vantage point, and Passion threw her through four walls in punishment for her defiance, leaving her for Rhia.

Deliha most likely spent some time in the Hospital Wing with considerable fractures after her capture. She is currently held in the Library Basement.

Powers and Advantages[]

It is unknown whether Deliha had any specific powers other than the typical Plothole and infiltration abilities of her level.