Death Knight Sword
Sword form.
Name Death Knight Sword
Type (technical or magic) Melee magical/Technical
User Douglas Kreig
Introduced In "Insert Unlimited Talents Here"

The Death Knight Sword is used by Society Agent Douglas Kreig and ex-Wanderer Rina Kreig.


"You know he's not fooling around once he uses it in its sword form." - Doug's author on the sword and Doug.

In its dagger form

The Death Knight Sword is a 55" claymore crafted by the same tools used to create characters, thus can't be broken by any means with the exception of the tools that made it. Although it may look like a generic claymore sword, the three grooves and a red diamond-shaped stone at the base of the blade makes it stand out. The sword grants the user offensive and defensive buffs, and in the right hands, can cause enemies great difficulty against its strikes. When Doug uses this sword, his melee skills increase drastically, well over the skills he portrays with training alone.

There are only two such swords in existence; one used by Doug, the other used by his twin sister, Rina. Together, and being twins, they can perform complex combo strikes against the enemy (It can only work if they're twins, otherwise, the combo strikes wouldn't work). For the convenience of the user, the sword allows itself to shrink to the size of a dagger. This allows Doug to carry it around in every mission and use it when the need arises, may it be in dagger form or sword form.