Name Death
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Unconquerable Finality Here"

Death was one of the Sovereigns, the group of Immaculated Sues and Stus who served Runoa directly and was the weakest among them. By the Sue ranking he was defined as Level 10.


He represented death as an unconquerable and unavoidable finality that everything must yield to in the end.


Part of Death's power was to be able to take on the appearance, powers and memories of those who have died and as such, his true appearance was unknown; likewise who he was before the Immaculation process. Nor was it known if there were any restrictions or limits on this power, but as he was seen mimicking the power of Adrian, a Counter Guardian, and the Librarian, it doesn't seem that there were any.


Death was insane, cruel and sadistic, taking delight at the horror his mimicking of Adrian caused Chrys and obviously enjoying the pain and wounds he inflicted on the Society when they came to fight him. He enjoyed torturing his opponents both mentally and physically, telling the Society that he was going to remain as Adrian forever and do all the horrible, cruel things he could think of - even rape Tash - until they all hated the very mention of Adrian's name as much as they loved him.


He appeared in an unnamed fandom and swiftly defeated Ossa, Cristoph, Miriku, and Claire in a duel before stabbing Chrys in the stomach and then battling the Society Agents as they came to attack him. He easily handed brutal beatings to any and all of the Agents that engaged him in a fight, using Adrian's knowledge of how they fought and the Librarian's plans to defeat any of the Agents in case they ever went rogue to overcome them. Death was briefly overwhelemed after Michael morphed into the Phoenix Ranger, and then was finally killed as Phoenixia managed to download herself into his brain and erase him, revealing through his screams of pain that in the end, despite personifying a brutal version of death, he himself was terrified of dying and had joined Runoa in order to try and cheat death.

Powers and Abilities[]

Death possessed an incredible powerful regenerative ability that allowed him to survive otherwise lethal injuries; ranging from being cut to pieces, to being frozen and shattered, to being incinerated, to being atomized.

He could also mimic the shape, powers, and memories of someone who had died, fight as they did, and use whatever knowledge they possessed as his own. However, it is uncertain of how strong or accurate this power is, as despite mimicing Adrian, it seemed that he could not make use of the Librarian's centuries of knowledge, and was unable to enter the Library, though he possessed all of Adrian's recent memories of the Society and knew how to counter them. And despite claiming to own Adrian's powers and skill, he relied heavily on his regenerative ability to survive attacks and usually worked to overpower the Agents he fought.