Dani - Society.jpg
Name Danielle
Gender Female
Age 17
Introduced In "Insert Inaccurate Historical Reference Here"

Danielle is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


"Everything is better with bacon." -Danielle


At 17, Danielle is the youngest of Valerie's team. Oddly, she is also one of the smartest, at least in terms of IQ. She is impossibly thin, the kind of skinniness normally only seen in shoujo anime (not to mention a seemingly impossible appetite to go with it - think Sailor Moon). She has shoulder-length poofy hair whose color changes at her fancy (with the help of magical dyes from store-bought boxes), and blue eyes with green-hazel somewhere in the middle (a genetic anomaly known as central heterochromia iridis). She also wears silver-rimmed glasses, and tends to forget them in various places when not using them for long periods of time. She has a particularly strong weakness for cats, horses, stuffed-animal sheep, the emo donkey Eeyore, and plushies bearing the name and likeness of one Roy Mustang.


One thing that must be noted when speaking of Danielle: she has no concept of the ideas of sanity, patience, or any other socially accepted behavior. She has a sarcastic sense that radiates about a million lightyears in all directions and dimensions, and no one who has met her has yet to escape one of her snappy retorts or dry-humor responses. This is not to say she has no sympathy or morals; just that most of the time, she just doesn't really give a crap. When on her good side, she is extremely loyal, agreeable, charming, funny, etc, etc. When on her bad side, you have no chance in hell of doing anything about it, and it will probably take her a year or more to forgive you for whatever it is you did. Because you DID do something, and you know it! ...Rawr.

Danielle can be stubborn and impatient, but she's just as bullheadedly determined about whatever cause or belief she attaches herself to - a very selective list, actually - and will happily lay her life on the line for what she believes is right. Mostly, though, she sees life as an adventure to be had, and each new challenge is a game placed there specifically for her amusement. She is bold and determined to do everything for herself, and firmly believes that, with enough force, she could single-handedly accomplish pretty much anything. This makes her a powerful agent, but also a dangerous one, particularly to herself.

Danielle has never taken a formal art class or been to any kind of art school in her life, but she prides herself on her mysterious artistic talent (except for a great-uncle who is colorblind, no one else in Danielle's family tree has any magnitude of the artistic talent that she does). Don't ask her to draw you hentai pron or yiff though, or else she'll kill you with her massive collection of artistry-utensils.

Danielle is very close friends with all the members of her team, and regularly converses with Aster, both to keep up her Japanese skills and because she finds the fae just as amusing as she is.

Unique Abilities and Items[]


Danielle has the coveted ability to see auras and streams/bursts of energy/magic. While this offers her distinct advantages in both espionage and battle, use of her sight often leaves her slightly zoned-out and vulernable, so backup is usually required. It was only recently discovered that she could also manipulate these energies with her will - for example, controlling the actions of a living being by manipulating that being's aura. However, this requires intense concentration, and so far she has only been able to influence the actions of insects and small animals. Nevertheless, it's a talent worth looking into.

Fighting Skills[]

While not possessing enough magical ability to learn Juari-Ken, Danielle is most proficient with staff-fighting, picking up the skill astoundingly quickly. Her speed and slight body allow her to dodge nearly every attack thrown at her, and dozens of short but sharp hits on very, parts of her opponent's body make her a force to be reckoned with. Sparring with Tash, Ezra, or Terrie is a regular pastime for Danielle.


There have been instances of Danielle having major future-predicting dreams, often in impossible detail and clarity, and meeting with people in her life who have died. She shares this ability with Stacey and Monika, although hers and Stacey's have been more frequent as Monika's dreams began lessening in recent years.


Though no one has actually seen them, Danielle will often make references to two characters of her own creation, a married pair of (circa. 1815) outcast aristocrats named Viktor and Evanjelyne Nikolayevsk, and speak of and with them as though they were in the room with her. No one is certain whether or not this is Danielle's self-proclaimed insanity finally catching up with her, but there have been rumors of things moving around in her room while no one was in it. In addition, objects that Danielle needs will often find their way to her with no explanation at all. Invisibility or insanity? In all honesty, no one has yet been brave enough to ask.


  • Danielle has many names, and also answers to Dee, Hikari-chan, Nefelokokkygia (or Neffy), Bitch, and, more colloquially, The Thing Under The Bed.
  • Danielle's Real Life surname is classified information, but it does have several different difficult pronounciations.
  • Danielle has a taste for bacon that borders on a fetish. Pigs beware.
  • There are people who have never seen Danielle's natural hair color, and even she has difficulties conjuring the right color in her mind since it's been dyed for many years. Speculation is mostly a dark brown-ish color, although the arguement is debated to this day. Previous dyed colors include golden-blonde, auburn, fire-engine-red, and chocolate brownie.
  • Danielle's current hair color, an obnoxiously bright fire-engine red, has been complained about by teachers, who claim that it distracts them. She hopes to expand into the wide range of interesting (to her) and obnoxiously-colored-and-styled "scene" hairstyles soon, although she in no way actually fits the categorization.
  • Danielle has been playing the violin for over 10 years, and to this day can't memorize a single major or minor scale to save her life, let alone pass that portion of her yearly exams in class. Her violin also has a name; its name is Luffy and has been since she acquired it from eBay many years ago. She is exceedingly hopeful for an electric violin this Christmas, preferably black'n'white or an obnoxiously neon blue.
  • In addition to English, Danielle also speaks Japanese, Latin, French, 1337, lolspeak, h4x0r, and Stacey. She's also planning on learning Russian and German in the coming years, and aspires to become a language officer for the CIA/FBI.
  • Danielle sleeps with a Roy Mustang plushie. She longingly awaits the day that a Riza Hawkeye plushie is brought into purchasing existence, so that she can have the two perform all manner of weirdly insane and varied things that amuse her sick mind. An Edward Elric-Winry Rockbell plushie pair would be a dream come true. Having many other plushie pairs of her choice would be orgasmic.
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