Name Crystellia
Gender Female
Age 15
Introduced In "Insert Real World Country Name Here"

Crystellia "Chrys" (クリステリア "クリス" Kurisuteria "Kurisu") is a Level 1 Sue and an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Chrys is a hanyou (half-demon) with fluffy white husky ears sticking out (which can be hidden by way of magic so that she doesn't stand out). She is partnered to a sprite, Mizuho.


As powerful as she can be, Chrys is a klutz and is liable to trip over anything. She is close friends with Aster, whom she comes from the same universe with. However, she differs from Aster very much; while Aster is liable to go charge-crazy into a plan, Chrys will sit down and make a intricate, detailed, and strategic plan, then get up and walk in entirely the wrong direction (and when she finally gets the right direction, she'll trip over herself).

Otherwise, Chrys is a pacifist, very sweet, and usually calm so long as you don't embarrass her. She is rather easily flustered though, especially around guys. Unlike Aster, she will not use honorifics to refer to non-Japanese people.


Chrys was born to a doglike youkai mother and human father in a land where the people lived in a very superstitious feudal society. However, there was much prejudice against Chrys and her family because of her mother being a youkai. When the villagers rose up in a riot to try and destroy the family, her parents wanted to protect their daughter without hurting the villagers and so stowed her away into another dimension (a normal one) before fleeing from their house on the outskirts of the village. Chrys thus grew up in a normal life under fake parents (humans that had once been saved by Chrys's real mother during her dimensional travels and vowed to help the canine youkai somehow someday) and met Aster in preschool.

Chrys moved to Japan in middle school as a part of an exchange student program (with Aster stalking her) and after a long time found out about her youkai half when, at age 14, she began to show signs of abnormality, the most obvious being her ears suddenly popping out. She eventually, through many complicated trials, began her dimensional travels and met Mizuho, a sprite who had been given a prophecy that she and her other half would become one to help protect the natural order. Chrys also learned that her Creators (actually a fancy-schmancy name for her author and author's helpers) wanted her and her partner Mizuho to be the Peacekeepers, the beings who would try to interfere whenever something threatened the peace, but would (attempt to) not interfere with the conflicts already ongoing or predestined to happen.

She currently lives in Japan with her friends Aster and Akai, and joining the Society was part of her Peacekeeper duties. She doesn't fare much better than Aster, though.

After her first unsuccessful mission involving Tato, Chrys began to accompany Aster in her missions, which included trips to the VOCALOID and K-On! fandoms. Within the Society, she became infamous for her clumsiness, but even then she ended up with a few fetishes, involving manga and anime (though not to the same degree as Aster) and having a strange liking to "combine" American and Japanese culture (which doesn't always turn out well).

After Adrian's death, Chrys went into grief, but Mizuho ended up having to suppress that emotion, but because Chrys was the kind of person who really only felt one emotion at a time, she ended up turning somewhat blank...

Powers and Abilities[]

Chrys's power ranges far and wide and can do a bunch of very random things, including flight, speed, you name it. She's also capable of making desu sparkles, those sparkles found in romantic scenes in anime, which can cause anyone inherently evil to go all happy or happy-like. They don't really do much, though she has been known to actually materialize them to use as projectiles, like throwing stars.


As a Peacekeeper, her job extends her life indefinitely; so long as Mizuho is around and there is an incarnation of Chrys in another dimension/world, she can be revived so long as she has died recently (but said other incarnation is forced to die). Also because of this job, she and her partner can take their power from the very source of the universe, but such force is unnecessary for their work and could overwhelm their bodies if they use more than they can handle. Subsequently, they usually survive on what power they have on their own.

As Chrys has many different counterparts (similar to the many thousands of types of Asters) she can also sync memories with them (provided that the new memories don't give her a mental breakdown as to which memory was when). In fact, Chrys cannot draw new life force from another dimensional Chrys unless she has synced with her at one point in time. Technically, this would mean she could access all of the knowledge in the world, so Mizuho puts constraints to prevent Chrys from getting too smart. (As has been observed, Mizuho overshot these constraints a bit too much.)


Chrys has an alternate personality; her existence as a hanyou (half-youkai) entitles her to two personalities, youkai and human, although her human persona is expressed. (The youkai personality is referred to as Demon!Chrys when simply expressing herself in Chrys's body and as Syrhc when split in a separate form.) Chrys supresses the demon in normal circumstances but the youkai can emerge in personality when:

  • Chrys's normal personality is "sleeping"
  • Chrys's normal personality has been absorbed by something else or suppressed
  • Chrys voluntarily allows the demon to emerge partially in order to utilize her powers
  • The demon really, really, really wants to do something (such as smash Aster's head in)

The youkai is capable of breaking lots of things when angered, hence why Mizuho and Chrys suppress it (along with much of Chrys's potential power and intelligence). It has a somewhat voluntary relationship with Chrys and won't emerge unless Chrys gives at least some tiny sense of agreement; Demon!Chrys may however emerge when Chrys is sick or when she is in a rage with no sense of justice attached to it. When it is being expressed, it's known for being very snarky and being somewhat of a bitchy but practical joker. She can take the form of a tall woman with pointed ears and long hair when separated, and is then known as Syrhc (not to be confused with the agent of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society).


  • Chrys is responsible for the fact that Aster has never had anything with more than 25% chocolate content.
  • Chrys's chest is decently sized and she is about 5'6", but when people find out she's only around 15 years old development-wise, she gets called jailbait. It puts her into despairing lurking to be called such as well.
  • People have a tendency to want to dress her up in cutesy outfits to impress people, and she has never understood why. The person most guilty of this is Mizuho, who uses Chrys almost like a doll to test out her clothing designs.
  • Chrys will melt in anyone's arms if they offer her food that she likes. As it's best put, "The best way to Chrys's heart is through her stomach."
  • Chrys is insanely weak to alcohol (perhaps because of her status as a hanyou). The amount of alcohol that can get her automatically drunk and possibly knock her out is calculated as approximately Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle 1-sum_{i=1}^∞ 9(.1^i)} , or picoliters.
  • Touching or stroking Chrys's ears, especially suddenly and without permission, will result in an upset half-demon in varying degrees of unhappiness/embarrassment and possibly some mauling (if she's in a bad mood). Scratching them at the base, however...
  • Chrys never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER curses. Ever. However, she does use endearing phrases like "SON OF A BEECH TREE."
  • Chrys has a yandere side. However, it's so easily quelled it doesn't really pose much of a threat. The easiest way to do so is to simply distract her, as it is very easily done and there are multiple ways to do so.
  • She is deathly, deathly afraid of bees, wasps, and pretty much insects in general. Oh, and spiders.
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