Name Crossover
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In *unknown*

A Crossover is a gadget used by Society Agents.


A Crossover is a small cross-shaped device that temporarily merges a twenty square mile radius of one fandom with a twenty square mile radius of another. The merger is not permanent, and lasts only as long as the fandom crossing is believable (for example, merging Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh GX would last longer than merging Pokémon and Harry Potter). The time left on a Crossover is displayed on the top of the device. Once a Crossover ends, the fandoms return to their normal states, and any events that occurred during Crossover are erased from the canon characters' minds. A Crossover can be ended manually if required.

Note: Scene Transitions cannot be used while Crossovers are in effect.

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