Cristoph Asahina
Name Cristoph Asahina
Gender Male
Age 19
Introduced In "Insert Cheesy Prophetic Dream Here"

Cristoph Asahina is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



"Pardon my terseness, but only true ninjas wear all black. And if people tell you otherwise, I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you." -Cristoph, talking with Ben about his garb.

Cristoph is one of the tallest members of the Society at 6'1", and it shows because sometimes he has to duck his head slightly every time he enters a room. He has short black hair and dresses in a black shirt, pants, and boots, following the traditional ninja outfit. He also wears a ninja cowl, but no hood. Most of his weapons are visible on his person: yari, kusarigama, ninjato, sais.


Cristoph is one of the saner members of the Society, although in retrospect, such a statement is relative. Cristoph is articulate, a stickler for tactics, and has a tendency to get long-winded (which is swiftly corrected by Algazdun, Adrian, or Tash, by either pecking him, nipping his ear, or just interrupting him). However, get around his usual stoic and sometimes uncaring attitude and you find that Cristoph is actually quite emotional, as the events surrounding Roxelana's kidnapping of Rhia, just prefers to keep it hidden. However, this emotional side to the ninja does have a tendency to come out in instances of great stress.

One of his key traits is that he is polite to a fault, referring to everyone as "Lord this" or "milady that" (with the exception of Aster, usually because she does something to annoy him, and most recently Ben, following the events surrounding his supposed betrayal). He gets along with everyone rather well, although it's plainly obvious that he has a rivalry with Doug.

When he's bored, Cristoph will start singing to himself, and the choice of song varies, ranging from "Strike of the Ninja" to "Age of Aquarius." He admits there's no "rhyme or reason" to it, but it's just one of his little things.

Cristoph has always been good friends with Rhia, and the events following the loss of Adrian pushed them closer until Roxelana faked killing Rhia and kidnapped her. After her rescue, Cristoph's relationship with her became romantic.


"I have no idea who I am, where I came from, who created me. But I will find out one day."
-"That's what you want? What if it's something you'd rather not know?"
"...I can't die not knowing." -Cristoph, talking with Aster about his past

Cristoph is a bit of a mystery, even unto himself. Nobody seems to know who he is, where he came from, or even who his Author is. He says one of the reasons why he joined the Society just for the sake of finding information about himself. However, this startling lack of info on Cristoph has most other Agents on edge, namely Tash and Adrian (and Michael too, because he has access to Cristoph's file and the lack of contents thereof) because they think that, whatever Cristoph is, it definitely isn't anything they've seen before.

More info is revealed on Cristoph as the series progresses, hinting that he may have switched Authors or lost possession.

But his breaking point comes when his lover Rhia supposedly dies, and when he reads her will, he ends up breaking down completely, trying to go after Roxelana, eventually finding out that Rhia has only been kidnapped.


Cristoph has little to no special abilities. Most of his true abilities come from his training as a ninja: which usually includes parkour and mastery of a multitude of weapons. Most of the time, however, Cristoph will only go into battle with five weapons: a yari, a ninjato, shuriken, sais, and kusarigama.

The Shinmei Muso Ryu Shoden Style[]

Translated as Heavenly Entry Transmission Style, this is a number of ninja techniques that Cristoph uses in the field. Most of them require intense focus to work, and if Cristoph is interrupted or uses an unfamiliar weapon for these techniques, it proves to have an adverse effect on the technique's activation. How he even learned them is up for debate, but the thing is, it seems like these techniques' appearances may be connected to his lack of memories somehow...

Hayanami (Fast Wave)[]

The first technique, Hayanami is Cristoph's standard high-speed-cutting distance attack utilizing the ninjato. The attack formed at the blade's tip into a single slash into a powerful crescent wave of energy. It's meant to be a close to mid range attack, as the accuracy of the move tends to decrease with distance.

Ukenagaki (Block and Flow)[]

The second technique, Ukenagaki is a parry-riposte style technique utilizing his sais, catching the weapon in the sais' prongs and sending the force of the attack another direction before thrusting out with the sais' points.

Deck Strategy[]

Cristoph usually wields a Destiny Hero deck, the only link he has to his creator. When playing Magic: the Gathering, he uses a Scarecrow deck.


  • Cristoph does not often sleep (much like Adrian); he only mediates, usually by hanging upside-down by a rope around his ankle, balancing rocks on his hands. The main reason why he doesn't sleep, however, is because he suffers from chronic nightmares consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Cristoph is meant to emulate the historical ninja.
  • When asked his name or threatened, Cristoph will go into a variation of the speech used by Hakumen in BlazBlue, but so far has been interrupted before finishing it. Currently, the farthest he has ever gone is in his debut fic: "I am the dark void. I am the cold steel. I am the just blade. I am the one that all beings of fanfiction know and fear..."
  • Cristoph only has his cowl on over his mouth and nose when he's serious about something or when he's focused. However, he does remove it when he's in the presence of Tash or Adrian.
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