Big sticker. Use them well.
Name Copyright
Type (normal or magic) Magic
Introduced In "Insert Ostentatiously Colored Dragon Here"

A Copyright is a standard-issue gadget used by Society Agents.


A Copyright is a round, black sticker, with a large 'C' on the front, that upon attachment to a canon object, will render it unaffected by a Sue or Stu’s powers. Once attached, it is almost impossible to remove a Copyright by force. It has been used in the past to enlist the assistance of canon characters - an example being Mark Antony in Rome. They seem to remain permanent, as two of the Tracy brothers proved when they were not taken in one little bit by Ryouga, having been Copyrighted previously in Captain Scarlet.

Copyrights can also be used outside fandoms on other objects (as Claire has proved several times by Copyrighting Michael); however, the Society encourages sensible use of these devices.


Copyright Darts[]

This version is first used by Agent Doug on his first mission as an Agent. These Darts extend the range that an Agent is capable of firing at a Sue, allowing them to Copyright characters that would otherwise be deemed too hard to Copyright because of proximity issues. The downside to these Darts is that - although they have superior range - their effects are not permanent; Darts have to remain in contact with the skin of the subject at all times. Copyright Darts can be disabled with a simple tug on the dart, rendering them useless.

Agents must fulfill all criteria to possess such a weapon:

  • The Sue must be Level 5 or higher
  • Agents must pass the Firearms Competency Test with a minimum 95% in accuracy (Doug scored at 96.75%)

More recently, these Darts are now being mass-produced by the Science Division in conjunction with Cliffhanger Defense Technologies, allowing lesser-skilled, gun-wielding Agents to use them provided that they don't shoot themselves in the foot.

Ingrid's Darts are laced with tranquilizers to put a character to sleep for a short amount of time. These darts are not readily avaliable and only in her possession.

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