Name Combee
Gender Female
Age Young
Introduced In "Insert Super Sparkly Date Here"

Combee is a Pokémon owned by Michael.


Combee is one of Michael’s Pokémon. She is renowned throughout the Library for her endless state of hyperactivity.

Combee is a foot tall and shaped like the hexagons of a honeycomb, though with a slightly softer and rounded edge due to her young age. She is yellow-and-black striped, and is supported by a small wing on either side. She has three faces, all of which display the same expression (though she does seem to have the ability to move them independently if she wishes) and in the centre of the three faces is a tiny pink jewel that indicates her gender. She usually wears a pink ribbon, tied in a bow at the top of her head.

Combee enjoys adventure, and (like a curious kitten) loves seeing new and interesting things. She loves Michael dearly, referring to him as ‘Daddy’, which makes Claire her ‘Mummy’ and Tash and Miriku ‘Auntie Tashy’ and ‘Auntie Miri’ respectively. She adores the other Pokémon in the group, but is particularly fond of Michael’s Infernape (though whether the sentiment is returned is questionable), Miriku’s Ninetails (Tails) and Tash’s Xatu (Thoth).

In terms of Pokémon natures, Combee’s nature is Naïve. She is very silly, but that is only because she does not know any better at her age. She likes to be moving, and will continuously ram herself into walls and doorways for her own amusement. Combee will always think the best of anyone, and will always be polite and sweet to new people she meets...unless they threaten her Daddy or her friends.

Combee has trouble with big words, and will often shorten names – though whether this is for ease of speech or affection nobody really knows in some cases (even Robert has had to accept the shortening of his name on this one occasion – Combee addresses him as ‘Mister Robbie’). The exception to this is Adrian, who Combee addresses as ‘Mister Kitty’. Combee loves to sing, and will often do so whilst flitting around the corridors. Her other favourite activities are running headfirst into walls, barrel rolling, jumping onto Infernape’s back for ‘monkey back rides’, and blowing on Thoth’s tail feathers while he is trying to see through time.

Perhaps due to her childish disposition, Combee is incredibly fond of sweets. Honey is her favourite food and she is growing to like biscuits a great deal. She loves Watmel berries, but will happily take a Pecha berry if offered. She does like chocolate, but only the British kind. Under no circumstances should Combee be let loose near a candy floss machine.


No one is quite sure how old Combee is, but she was born inside a hollowed out tree in the area of Eterna Forest. She seems to have rather clear memories of her time in the wild, as she remembers almost all of her brothers and sisters, though she does not seem to miss them – possibly being too young to have formed a particularly strong attachment to them yet.

It has been understood that Michael has had Combee for a while, however she was first formally introduced to the Society after Michael and Claire captured a Stu in the Pokémon fandom whilst on a date. After understanding that the man meant harm, Combee attacked him and succeeded in flooring him. She then proceeded to sing to him, which he did not appreciate.

Combee was often seen following Michael around from then onwards, often adding an overdose of cute to the moment. She has only ever battled once, when she ran into the arena in a battle against Marcus. As by the standard rules a Pokémon cannot be recalled once they are in the arena, Michael was forced to carry on with her. Though Combee won this time, Michael, fearing for her safety, does not otherwise allow Combee into battle.

Sometime after this, Combee accidently broke the Deus Ex Machina while using it as a chew toy, causing everyone in the Library to be able to speak Pokemon without the need for translation aids. The downside to this change, was causing LittleKuriboh's account to be suspended from youtube once more.

Combee tagged along with Michael and Tash during their training session in the Twilight fandom. Thinking herself helpful, she dragged along a handful of Michael's gadgets, including a Prohibitor, the BLAM and a single Oneshot. During the training session, Michael and Tash were attacked by Wisdom and Purity and seperated. Combee was occupied chewing on the BLAM, and accidentally bit through it causing a malfunction which trapped Michael and Wisdom in a long convoluted series of BLAMs. Exposed to so much insanity, Wisdom's powers failed him and the shock of what he was seeing, added to his age and physical exertion, caused him to have a heart attack. Combee accompanied Michael and Tash as they took Wisdom to hospital, and has since attempted several times to kiss Wisdom out of his coma.


Ability: Combee's ability has not been confirmed, as it is quite possible that she could possess the standard for her species - Honey Gatherer, an uncanny talent to find her favourite food after battles in the vein of Pick Up. However the rarer Hustle could also be a possibility.

Attacks: Combee currently has four moves – Air Cutter, Ominious Wind, Bug Bite and Swift. Before learning Air Cutter and Ominous Wind, she knew Gust and Sweet Scent. The force of her hugs could also be considered as a well-intentioned Tackle attack.