Claire "Clairey" Upward/Wasson
Name Claire "Clairey" Upward/Wasson
Gender Female
Age 18
Introduced In "Insert Outlandish Sounding Bending Skill Here"

Claire "Clairey" Upward is an agent of Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Claire is what her boyfriend Michael would call perfection, and yet she denies it in every sense. She's very cute, beautiful even, with long brown hair and a pair of glasses, and is often wearing a pair of jeans and a plain top, often seen with her necklaces Michael gave her, along with the silver ring with an amethyst gem in the center.

Claire is an exceedingly sweet and kind person, who merely wants to make people happy when the need rises. She doesn't like fighting, only when it's absolutely needed, but when it is, she's a force to be reckoned with. She may HAVE a "Damsel in distress" feel to her, but she has shown she's dangerous when agitated.

While she's close to Michael in his own way, she's especially close to Tash and Miri, the latter two proclaiming that she is indeed a long lost sister between the two of them. She happens to have a lot of fun with Michael's Darkness, enough to teach it her own bad habits.


Claire first appeared in the Avatar fandom with Miriku to help Michael deal with a Sue. By help, they wondered why he was out of bed from his previous beatdown in the Dragonball Z fandom. They let him off the hook for the moment to deal with an attacking Azula. Following that, she moved in with Michael and tied him to his bed, as all good girlfriends do.

She was kidnapped eventually in the Darkness fandom and used as bait to lure Michael there so the Stu, someone who had a vendetta against Michael, could have some fun. When Michael was taken over by the Darkness, she managed to stop him from attacking the other Society members, turning him back to normal when a lightning bolt struck, and freeing him from his bonds. Since then, she's been helping Michael cope with the parasite in his mind.

Unique Abilities and Items[]

While Claire doesn't have any magical abilties, but if there's one thing she does have, it's skills on the battle field. In addition to having a pair of arm blades, she's incredibly quick, lithe and difficult to hit, making her a thing of beauty and terror in the battle field. Even without her blades, she's been known to fight hand to hand, and able to put up her own.

Deck Strategy[]

While Claire is starting out in the dueling world, she's set up a deck she wants to play, which happens to be Fairies. Michael wants to help her to duel, and found her deck is focused on summoning the heavy hitters, especially her key card, Guardian Angel Joan, bringing her life points up to insane amounts, and barreling through the opponent when they're busy gawking in shock.


  • Claire doesn't like chocolate that much, as she's more partial to strawberry.
  • Along with her sisters, she's indeed a fan of yaoi, but not as badly as her older sister, Tash.
  • She is also the kind of person to break the fourth wall and blame it on Aster, for the fun of it.
  • One of her most deadly secret weapons happens to be a seemingly endless supply of sparkly pinecones. And you lot can stop laughing right now, cause those hurt!
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