Name Citation
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In "Insert Evident Demonic Contract Here"

A Citation is a gadget used by Society Agents.


A Citation takes the form of a gleaming silver charm bracelet. It works almost like a Crossover (and even more like a Guest Appearance), but since real-life citations can also reference unpublished works, the Society Citations can bring over elements of a story not finished being written. Its power will vary greatly depending on the calibre of each Agent's writing. As well, the Citation would probably work to its maximum potential in the hands of an Author (it's been revealed that increasingly few Society Members are true Author Self-Inserts).

The charms on a Citation are symbolic and not strictly necessary. They can act as reminders of fandoms that Agents have previously visited. The extender at the end of the bracelet - the extra chain that hangs past the lobster claw clasp - ends in a bell that can symbolize any Author's personal work. In regards to its use, Society technician Charis has said, "By sheer force of will, most Agents will be able to crossover a story of their own as long as they wear the Citation and are thinking properly." That is the explanation for why charms are unnecessary, but females who have worn the Citation find the charms to be decorative and eye-pleasing.

To date, Agent Karissa has used a Citation to summon twin characters from one of her Author Cay's stories. The approximate endurance of the Citation at that time was 1 minute.

Much to Charis' dismay, the Citation has presently been discontinued. If it could be made more reliable - and less overpowerful in the case that it fell into the wrong hands - the project might see progress again.

Believing that her project will be revived someday, Charis has begun designing an alternative Citation that male Agents would be willing to wear.

The invention of the Citation acted as Charis' so-called "entrance exam" into the ACMSES Science Department.

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