Name Chloe
Gender Female
Age 20
Introduced In "Insert Clever Shapeshifting Wordplay Here"

Chloe is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Chloe is about five feet tall with hair so dark it's almost black. She used to wear black-rimmed glasses when she was a techie but switched to contacts upon becoming an agent. Chloe is also very athletic and just by looking at her stance you can tell she is very skilled with a sword.


"And that's the reason you're supposed to wear lab aprons." -Chloe after Jared gets hit with a spray of hot motor oil.

Chloe is a very intelligent person who knows how to deal with many different situations in the most effective ways possible. As such, she absolutely hates it when she is not in control of the situation in as it makes her feel weak. Chloe is a very sarcastic individual, which she has to be in order to put up with her partner, Jared, whose unpredictable antics will either trigger a laugh or an eye roll on her part.

Chloe is afraid of the Sue Cassandra due to how close she came to being killed by her in their first encounter. However, she has remarkable skill in repressing that fear, and whenever the two are in battle she never shows how afraid she is. She once nearly even captured the Sue without any help from Jared, who had been beaten to a pulp before Chloe could make her move.

Jared and Chloe have very different tastes in music; Jared loves classic country, southern rock and bluegrass. Chloe, on the other hand, loves Heavy Metal.


Chloe has been Jared's partner ever since the two joined the Society. While it's unknown how long the two have known each other, it's logical to assume it has been awhile. Jared and Chloe's first adventure took them to the Transformers fandom where a field test gone wrong brought them into a battle with Cassandra. They were saved by some much needed help from Chevila and Ben. Chloe and Ben got off on the wrong foot during this battle and it was very clear that she really didn't like Ben. Ben, of course finds this fact hilarious and does nothing to attempt to change her image of him.

Before she was an agent Chloe was a very talented fencer. As an agent she has refined this ability into a deadly combat skill, nearly managing to capture Cassandra when said Sue managed to score a cheap shot and knock the wind out of her.

Chloe and Aster encountered Cassandra again in the Metroid fandom, where it seemed that they had managed to finally kill the Sue. However, this later turned out to be false, as they encountered her again as they fought through her fantasy world in an attempt to rescue Jared.

After sucessfully arresting the Sue, Jared and Chloe temporarily left the society to give Jared time to recover from the side effects of Deraj's experiments.

When the two agents returned, Chloe was assigned a mission to the Godzilla fandom where she worked with Doug, Tash and Pete to capture a Sue that had taken over SHIELD. The mission technically failed when Deraj arrived and executed the Sue for being involved in the conspiracy to steal the Sue Storm device.

The next movie Chloe went to was the Conduit fandom, where she engaged Agent Zero, a Stu everyone had forgotten about. After Chloe removed the Stu's arm he fled, and she returned to the Library.

It was at about this time that Chloe was beginning to feel crowded sharing a lab with Jared and the LPGB. At some point thereafter she and Charis turned Camille's old lab into a lab of her own. It is unknown whether Jared's lab will be able to survive without her occasional tidying.

Weapons and Abilites[]

Chloe is very skilled with her bladed weapon, and after the disasterous events in the Transformers G1 fandom, she will never enter a fandom without bringing it along, even when it is highly unlikely there will be any need for it.

Chloe practices summoning magic, a type of magic that creates various physical manifestatons based on the summoners personality. For example, Chloe's order and stability of are maifested as a gray sheild bearing a golden eye. Although shields are typically defensive objects, Chloe uses hers for more offensive purpuses by using it as a blunt weapon or a throwing projectile. Running her fingers across the pupil on the shield will cause blades to pop out of the shield's edges. She can also summon explosive rubix cubes.


  • Chloe and Jared are definitely not the strongest members of the society, instead their power comes from teamwork and the ability to synchronize tactics.
  • Unlike Jared, Chloe prefers conventional weapons such as guns and swords.
  • Chloe is very easy to startle if something unexpected jumps out at her, but this never scares her for more than a couple of moments.
  • Despite their similar tastes in music, Chloe cannot stand Ben, something which the heavy metal nerd finds amusing.
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