Name Chi
Gender Female
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Hackneyed Woo Foo Scrolls Text Here"

Chi (氣 ) was a Level 6 Sue.


A lover of fandoms that combine magic and martial arts, Chi was a level 6 Sue and highly dangerous. She was first found in the Yin Yang Yo! fandom, but escaped capture. She later appeared in the Jackie Chan Adventures fandom, only to once again elude the Society's clutches.

Unlike most Sues, Chi's appearance changed each time she was seen (case in point, she was a purple rabbit the first time she appeared, and then a purple-haired Chinese girl). The only way to recognize her is by her voice, and her unhealthy attraction to Marcus, whom she refuses to accept is gay.

Chi somehow 'escaped' the Society Basement when Willowe released the Sues from their prisons. She goes to taunt Tyler and Drake (after the two had fallen into one of Adrian's traps) before falling into one of Adrian's trapdoors herself.