Name Chevila
Type (technical or magic) Technical
User Jared
Introduced In "Insert Clever Shapeshifting Wordplay Here"
Make Chevrolet S-10
Year 1986
Engine V6

Chevila is both a vehicle and multipurpose weapon used by Society Agents Jared and Chloe.


Chevila is a 1986 Chevy S-10 pickup owned exclusively by Jared. It has a V-6 engine and four off-road tires. Each agent is assigned several items such as plothole generators and communicators when they join the ACMSES, but in Jared's case, he has hot-wired his plothole generator into Chevila's engine instead of carrying it in the typical ray-gun form. But due to the fact that Chevila is an older vehicle, it is not capable of repeated uses of the built in generator in quick succesion, it requires 10 minutes to recharge after each use.

Chevila is also a guinea pig for one of Jared's inventions: A device that reverses the charge of a Sue's/Stu's own energy (similar to reversing the charge on a magnet) in order to completly nullify a Sue's/Stu's powers by inserting them as canon parts of the fandom. However Jared never managed to successfully make it into a weapon, but it turned out to be useful anyway when installed in Chevila. The device is powered by kinetic energy so whenever Chevila drives up to or faster than 88 MPH the device can then be activated to the effect of generating a form of reversed sue energy that reacts the opposite way real sue energy would. Instead of the energy warping the fandom, the fandom would warp the truck into a canon addition to the fandom. Jared is constantly making additions to Chevila, both functional and cosmetic, so the trucks uses may vary in future fics.

Jared firmly believes Chevila is female, claiming that the way 'her' headlights look is clear indicator of the truck's gender. Originally the truck had a four cylinder engine, but after getting totaled Jared had to replace it and numerous other parts. Recently, Tyler, in retaliation to a prank by Jared, keyed the word 'PINK!' into the passenger side door.

Chevila was used by Jared to perform a kamikaze run when the society encountered Death. Death countered the truck by slamming Jared's own Boomhammer into the hood, seemingly destroying the truck. The truck has recently been restored to operational condition, but the cannonizer has not been replaced.