Cheryl Ki
Name Cheryl Ki
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Overuse of Nuclear Devices Here"

Cheryl Ki is an ex-Wanderer and an ally to the Society.


Ethnically Asian of Korean descent, Cheryl is one of the oldest Wanderers in existance (after Douglas Kreig and before Maddie). Standing at 5'5 and dyed blonde hair, she is the Wanderers' chief doctor/medic. She gained most of her medical knowledge by inhabiting the Black Jack fandom, learning from the miracle surgeon Dr Black Jack. After learning all she can, she returned to the Author's ranks as the chief medical officer, saving many of her comrades' lives and taking care of their health.

Although she may be a doctor, she is not all helpless; she is trained to be a combat medic. Her class of medic requires her to train with the military and have competence in a multitude of weapons.

After Insert Another Classic War Story Here, her status is unknown.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Her weapons range from small arms to assault rifles. She is also competent in using modern bows and crossbows.

  • P90: SMG with 5.7mm rounds. Has a 50 round capacity
  • USP 45: Pistol of choice
  • Combat knife
  • Bow and arrows
  • Crossbow
  • Syringe: Uses neurotoxins for stealthy kills

    Power Ranking[]

    • Intelligence: A+
    • Wisdom: S
    • Strength: C
    • Defense: B
    • Weapons skill: Ranged (B+) Melee (B-)
    • Magic: D-
    • Agility: B+
    • Charisma: B-


    • She was naturally black-haired but dyed it to conceal her identity during the Author's low years.
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