Name Charis
Gender Female
Age 20
Introduced In "Insert Lack of Living Killing Machines Here"

Charis is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



"You've only got one chance to say the right words."

Charis is tall considering her Asian background, but she's not as tall as her sister Karissa. Charis is 5'8", auburn-haired, and tanned due to her love for the outdoors. She most often wears a simple low-backed halter top and a skort, paired with flats. Charis wears corrective lenses but - other than when she's conducting an experiment in her lab - she usually prefers contacts to glasses.


Charis is very analytical, not just in regards to Science and Maths problems, but as concerns people as well. Until she deems she's completely understood someone, she's not sure whether it will be worth her time to get close to them. On the other hand, she's still perfectly sweet and polite to strangers. Her principle difference from Karissa is that she "thinks with her brain, and feels with her heart", like it should be, but her sister "thinks with her heart and feels with her heart".


Charis works as a technician for the Society, inventing new gadgets to help Agents take on the Sues and Stus. Since Karissa joined the Society, so did she. It makes that much sense to Charis.

Charis is neither a Self-Insert nor a wholly original character. Her purpose for existence seems to be to act as a "sidekick". She was imagined at the same time as Karissa - becoming her sister - but she's slowly developing her own quirks. As part of her growing character she's shown a daring side, so she's since been on missions to several fandoms, although she was never trained as a field Agent.

During the events of Red Skies Twilight Charis and Karissa were whisked away by Cay before either of them could fully understand what was happening. They were not returned to their native story; rather, it's as if the time of the invasion held no place in their memories. When the sisters returned to the Library they learned of the fate of Willowe's Sues and of Adrian's death. Charis had mourned the Librarian's death as a matter of course, but she recognized that Adrian was a comrade but never her close friend. Eventually Charis stopped grieving because she believed she didn't have a right to carry on, unlike Tash who in fact lost her most important person. However, Charis was just as ecstatic as the rest of the Society to learn the Librarian was resurrected.

Charis and Pete missed out on being turned into cats by the broken Anthropomorphiser because they were on vacation...together.


Charis and Pete are engaged.

Charis is well-acquainted with Chloe and Jared since they too started out in the Society as technicians. Furthermore, she helped establish Chloe in her own lab. Charis has been a target of the Little Plastic Green Beret on far too many occasions, and this has strained her friendship with Jared at times.

She's partnered with Doug on several projects, and he inadvertently introduced her to Pete. At the time surrounding Insert Priceless Kodak Moment Here, she barely knew her future beau.

Charis has come to know Ben and Lily through Karissa. In particular, she is fond of the former Sue.

Charis has an indeterminate relation to Stephen, involving much exasperation as he continually manages to lose or damage his Plothole Generator beyond repair.

Weapons and Abilities[]

If a Sue or Stu dared try to break into Charis' private workshop, who knows what arsenal of yet-untested weapons she could wield against them? Charis' work in the Society isn't focused so much on producing existing devices, but creating new ones. Charis doesn't let on that she has any abilities beyond the act of creation that she can begin with her hands.


  • Charis formerly had the use of a private workshop that - while inside the boundaries of the Library Arcanium - appeared to exist outdoors. This was to accomodate her claustrophobia.
  • Charis has been seen inside the Library more and more frequently, although she still tends to hang around the Science hallway most of the time. She's started breathing retraining to improve her ability to remain indoors.
  • Although she's a technophile, Charis has a staunch brand disloyalty towards all things Apple.
  • Charis has a thrill of falling.
  • To gain insight into Charis' unconscious method of analyzing people and the world around her, Jem's "They" imitates her scientific style of thinking.
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