Name Cay
Gender Female
Age 22
Introduced In "Insert Lack of Living Killing Machines Here"

Cay (Author #18) is the author of Karissa, Charis, and Lela Koi.



Cay's name is an alias that she adopted back when her mother was very paranoid about maintaining secrecy on the Internet. As she grew older - and as more and more people learned of her real identity, regardless - the need for an alias became less important. However, she still retains this one for Society writing so as to avoid the hassle of retconning her older fics. It seems that her name was not the only thing she had to keep hidden previously. In the one appearance that Cay has made, she could only be described as "nondescript". She was seen wearing an outfit composed of a white Lovely One-Piece paired with Black Bondage Pants and a bright red Pitter Patter Plaid coat (all items from the World Ends With You fandom). She wore black gloves on her hands, and tough-looking black boots on her feet. She'd also put her hair up into a ponytail, secured with a Spiked Choker instead of a hairtie, because she had none. A red bandanna was fastened around her neck, and the only jewellery she wore was a Pureheart Pendant hanging from her throat and a Princess Ring outside her gloves. Despite all this, Cay also wore a featureless white mask, and it was this that made her seem unremarkable to others. Cay doesn't share Karissa's talent of invisibility, but eyes do tend to slide past her disturbingly blank countenance.


An acrostic poem published on another writing site might provide some insight into Cay's personality:

Thinks too much at times

Reads so much that books were the cause of glasses

Angers easily (working on that)

Xylophone was an instrument played in Grade 5

Ice cream is the #1 source of temptation

Sings best when alone doing dishes

Kuroshitsuji & Kingdom Hearts are current obsessions.

Additional information reveals that Cay loves manga, and is often tricked into reading new series. Once she's hooked on a title she is capable of reading 100+ chapters of manga in less than three days. Very often, she'll even go to her local comic store and then buy a series she's already read, spending money in a way that's unbefitting of a stereotypically cheap Asian.

Cay's manner seems benign - she even considers herself like a doting parent towards her characters - but strangely her creations do not share that opinion. Although Cay didn't particularly want to help capture Lela - saying "I’m all for letting Lela have her dalliances. She’s practically harmless, anyways," - Lela seemed quite shocked to see her Author in the D.Gray-man fandom; she could be said to appear terrified. Additionally, Karissa and Charis should logically be on good terms with their Author if they entered the Society with her permission. However, in a "These Are Our Moments" piece, it seems that Karissa in particular suffers from a trauma where her Author is concerned.


The Author began writing poetry at the age of 7, encouraged by support from her school librarian. At the age of 10 the Author wrote her first acceptable short story; she quickly traded in poetry for storywriting. Cay likes dreaming up unusual names and writing fantasy stories. At the age of 12 she came up with the idea for an epic fantasy novel, but an unfortunate shortcoming of hers is that she has trouble keeping momentum in her writing. Along with an IRL friend, Cay holds an outstanding record for more than 12 stories started in a the span of a year, all of which have yet to be finished. Unsurprisingly, she likes to participate in NaNo, but never gets very far before falling behind.

Cay does not make a habit of using Self-Insert characters. In the one case that she did, Karissa quickly made use of the fact to blackmail her Author. Cay, however, has created so many original characters that she keeps track of their names in a notebook so that she can ensure no two characters share names too similar to another. She makes use of 4 main web identities besides her "Cay" alias, so it is hard to string together the trail left behind by her pen (actually, she writes on the computer more and more often). When Cay appears in her own fictions she allows herself to conveniently forget everything that's going to happen in the plot from beginning to end, so that she can feel more at ease when interacting with the other characters in the story.  


  • The one indulgence that makes all of Cay's characters trend towards Sue-ishness is their age - with few exceptions, they remain eternally in their mid-teens.
  • Cay admittedly has trouble writing romantic scenes. Before the Society became a welcome challenge to her writing skills, few of her characters were involved with anyone.
  • Cay receives inspiration for her writing from music, but she can't write while listening to music.
  • At this point in time, she has started two pieces of fiction - one a novella, and the other a screenplay - based purely on dreams. They both involve main characters that strongly resemble vampires in some way, but Cay does not appreciate comparisons to Stephenie Meyer.
  • Cay cannot abide spiders and most other insects, bugs, and arachnids (anything that can conceivably fall in those categories).
  • Besides writing, the primary competitors for her time are books, video games, television, school and tumblr.
  • To understand the strain of the relationship between Cay and her characters - which, oddly enough, is all in her head - the lyrics of Within Temptation's "Frozen" does wonders.