These are basic pages of all sorts of different topics, all fully Wiki-coded and ready to help make a new page. Simply go into the 'Edit' tab, copy the entire coding and paste it into the new page, which you can create using the box on the Main Page. Then all that you need to do is replace the base text with the appropriate information.

To fill out the infoboxes, you may need to click the 'Source' button on the right of the Edit page. Then you can see the coding for the boxes. Don't fear them; they're quite simple. It will tell you what information goes there - names, main users, introductory fics - and you put it after the '='. The links to the Story Archives only need the fic's title placed in between the 'Insert Here', and the number of the Archive.

And if all else fails, holler for one of us, and we'll come and help you.

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