Cassie Anora
Name Cassie Anora
Gender Female
Age 15
Introduced In "Insert Blatant Anime Reference Here"

Cassie Anora (ケーシ・アノラ Kēshi Anora) was a Level 8 Sue, and the former Lieutenant Mary Sue.


Although classified as a Level 8, Cassie's power far exceeded the power of other Level 8 Sues like Willowe due to her occupation as the Lieutenant.

Cassie Anora was from the same unnamed author as Aster Selene; however, while Aster is the author's fourth, latest, most developed attempt at a connection to the fictional world, Cassie was the second attempt, and a disaster at that. Aster remains unaware that Cassie has a grudge against her for that.

Incarnated as the most powerful water fae in the world, Cassie was technically less powerful than Aster (Aster has control over five elements), but Cassie was more intelligent, with flawless logic and valor in fighting.

Cassie had somewhat of a Napoleon complex, as she was short, and made up for it with her fighting skill and power. She had the ability to alter people's memories, shatter fandoms, and change the rules of the universe, although these were not part of her original powers. Her power exceeded all Society bounds.


Cassie was created by Aster's author as a self-insert original character, but the author soon realized her mistakes and attempted to put Cassie in the Vault of Abandoned Ideas. Before Cassie could be shut in, however, Cassie escaped and began to roam other fandoms, gathering enough power to become a true Sue.

As Cassie wandered, she encountered a mysterious Author, who offered her power in exchange for carrying out the Author's plans to establish a new society in which Sues could be created. Cassie accepted, for she wanted to save her friends sealed away in the fandom (actually given back to their authors and humanely destroyed, although she had no way of knowing this). She became the Lieutenant Mary Sue and was corrupted by her power, creating a totalitarian dictatorship and starting to lose respect for her author.

Cassie's first appearance saw her blaming Xavier for his failure. Cassie later sent Alyana Markerstone to warp time in the Uglies and Percy Jackson fandoms, but after Alyana failed to do so and keep Meg at bay, Cassie retrieved Alyana's only recovery: a hair from Tash. Cassie thus used it to create the Pseudo-Tash.

Cassie attempted to pass on her power to Willowe Foxblade, but failed after Willowe was captured; she thus named Runoa as her next successor.

Cassie later granted Kaylee Phillis Grim the power of the Heaven and Earth, Worldly Secret Art in order to kill Kyle.

Cassie was eventually cornered by Tash and Adrian after the two receive a tip-off from Cassie's author, and was defeated after Adrian uses a Prohibitor with an Author's Blessing on it. She is thus shut up in the basement. Her power dissipated, preventing most of it from reaching Runoa. She remained permanently incarcerated in the basement, a Prohibitor glued to her skin (and if this Prohibitor was removed by anyone, including her author, Cassie would die).

After being forced to face her past, Cassie was let out of the basement with the help of her Author and stabbed herself in order to save herself from the grasp of the corrupting Author (so she didn't have to do work for her anymore) and to warn Aster of what fate may befall her.