Name Cassandra
Gender Female
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Clever Shapeshifting Wordplay Here"

Cassandra (カサンドラ Kasandora) was a Level 6 Sue.


"My name ez Cassandra, and you 'ave made me very irritated!" ~Cassandra


Cassandra changes her attire to match the fandom she is in, but what always remains constant is that she is very tall and has very light - almost white-blonde - hair. She speaks with an accent that obviously indicates that she is French, and in typical Sue fashion her appearance is totally free of any flaw.


Cassandra is very aggressive and really only seems to show two sides of her personality: smug or angry. She can be very violent like many other Sues and does not believe in being subtle, throwing everything she has at the Agents she is fighting.


Cassandra became known to the Society when she interrupted a field test being conducted by Society techies Jared and Chloe. She probably would have killed the two of them had Ben not shown up at the last minute to save them. She was forced to flee when Chevila, Jared's truck, began firing rapid blaster shots to force the Sue to run through a plothole. She encountered Jared and Chloe again in the Dresden Files fandom. After a fierce battle she managed to badly injure Jared, and the two Agents were forced to let her go.

Immediately after that battle, Cassandra met up with a group of Pro-Cliché and Mary Sue Protection Society Agents in order to guard a device known as the Fandom Stabilizer. Eventually a large-scale battle broke out and Cassandra was forced to fight Bella. Bella swiftly defeated Cassandra by exploiting her weakness of being unable to absorb high-energy beam attacks. Although she was defeated, Cassandra still managed to avoid capture by escaping via a plothole.

Cassandra was encountered again by Aster and Chloe in the Metroid fandom, where she was presumably killed. It was later revealed that she had escaped and had been placed in charge of Deraj's Sue Storm device, which she used in order to try and break Jared's mind as a way of getting revenge for endangering her sister Fiona, who was presumably killed by Jared. Although Cassandra has implied that he did not succeed, there was the possibility that she was simply in denial.

Jared escaped Cassandra's clutches with the help of a rescue party led by Adrian, and the Sue was quickly captured.


Besides the normal powers of a Level 6 Sue, Cassandra has the ability to summon translucent green energy shields. She can use them to absorb attacks or fling them forward as an attack of her own. The shields appear to be unable to absorb high-level enegy-based attacks and will let diminished bursts of energy through. Cassandra's accent also happens to be something granted to her by sue powers, as she talks with an American one when prohibited.