Nanoskin Suit 4
Name Nanoskin Suit 4
Type (normal or magic) Normal/Powered Armour

The Nanoskin Suit is a gadget solely used by Ingrid as a gift by the Author. It is a combination of Crysis' Crynet Nanosuit and Black Widow's skin suit.


The CDTech Nanoskin Suit 4 is currently the only non-symbiotic nanosuit in the known universe. It is also the most technologically advanced piece of equipment in the ACMSES' arsenal. Its main power source is body heat and solar, but there is an external hydrogen fuel cell to supplement the suit's other functions: armour, cloak, and power. The suit synchronizes its functions with the wearer with its exoskeletal backbone, detecting electrical pulses of the user's brain to the spinal cord.

Armour mode diverts the H-cell power to the nanoweave to deflect incoming high-speed objects by tightening of the suit's outer weave and increasing suit armor density; blunt trauma and energy blasts are also absorbed. This decreases suit power and can sustain up to twenty seconds of continuous gunfire (about a minute if no other external damage occurs). The gaps between the nanoplates glow red as enegy flows from the power source

Cloak mode makes the nanoweave dynamically scan the surrounding area and and project it on the suit, thus cloaking the wearer, in addition to suppressing the wearer's footsteps. This consumes more energy than its armour mode, and can last up to thirty seconds of continuous use, more so if using an unsuppressed weapon and also including mêlée attacks on the enemy.

Power mode allows the wearer to run faster, leap higher, and hit stronger. This also drains suit energy.

The hydrogen fuel cell automatically recharges by absorbing the air for hydrogen and oxygen. Faster recharges are achieved when dipped into water.

The suit comes together with a helmet, which is in its 'OFF' state is often mistaken for a Prohibitor. In its 'ON' state (by clamping the cuff around the wearer's neck), the nanites in the cuff will expand and build a helmet husk around the wearer's head. Once completed, the helmet comes complete with a visor which performs both the functions of a binoculars and a thermal vision and a breathing apparatus. If the wearer wishes not to wear said helmet, the user is allowed to wear fibreglass goggles that will perform the visual functions only (though not recommended if the user wants to use cloak mode).

All these processes are controlled by a robust, constantly evolving non-sentient AI that aids the wearer and is directly connected to the CDTech's mainframe network. The AI builds a new code every time it detects a change and blocks any foreign additions into the system. Currently, the system only accepts Ingrid's biocode as its user.


  • There were previous iterations of the suit, but they were not full-body types.
  • The money poured into the suit's RnD is phenomenal; it is widely speculated to be four to ten times the cost of the Crynet Nanosuit.
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