Cliffhanger Defense Technologies
Name Cliffhanger Defense Technologies

CDTech, also known as "Cliffhanger Defense Technologies", is the military manufacturing arm of the parent company "Cliffhanger Heavy Industries". This private military contractor helps Doug and the Author in building some of the gadgets for Ingrid, the Wanderers and the Society.


CDTech started out as a company for making mountain climbing equipment. As military funding flowed into the company's coffers as the nation is mostly mountainous terrain, CDTech expanded to other needs of the military; construction of artillery, forts and research into alternative power sources.

Now it is a multinational corporation that builds the nation's finest tanks, the most powerful guns in the world, and their greatest achievement; hydrogen power generation. The company made billions developing products for military and commercial uses, and they make up to 5% of the nation's economy.


  • Copyright Darts: Under mass production for the Society.
  • Defender Tank: Seen in Insert Giant Suit of Armour Here. It is a railgun on a tank.
  • Grappling Prohibitor: Only produces five of them.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell: Used on most of their electrical products.
  • Nanoskin Suit 4: Built solely for Ingrid.
  • Plot Armour: What is left from the RnD of liquid armour.
  • Ray shield: Under mass production for the Society.