Name Boomhammer
Type (technical or magic) Technical
User Jared usually, but occasionally Chloe
Introduced In "Insert Pseudo Latin Interjections Here"

The Boomhammer is a weapon used by Jared and sometimes Chloe.


The Boomhammer is a weapon Jared made out of solidified sound waves, it takes on the apperance of an ordinary sledgehammer. The engineering behind the hammer's creation is very hard to understand, and often the hammer will do things that Jared never expected could happed, such as the time it was melted into a puddle of liquified sound on Jared's second mission. The hammer appears to be impervious to permanent damage as it reforms whenever it absorbs enough ambient soundwaves to pull itself together.

Jared employs the hammer in battle by giving a shout of "BOOMHAMMER!" and bringing the hammer down on his target, the hammer will release an enormous blast of sonic energy upon contact, it cannot be used repeatadly however as it will depleate it's storage of sonic energy rather quickly. Jared often leaves the hammer in the loudest areas of the library in between missions to ensure it recharges quickly. Jared has equipped the hammer with failsafes in order to avoid critical injury to the Sues and Stus he uses it on that reduce the hammer's power down to levels that cannot inflict lethal or excessive damage.

If the Boomhammer is extreamly overused in any given battle, the very bonds that hold the hammer together will be used up, causing the hammer to convert back to normal soundwaves. This happened when Jared pushed the hammer beyond its limit by charging it with earth magic, creating a combination earth-sonic shockwave. At the beginning of season two Jared creates a new Boomhammer; the new model is about half a foot longer, and features more rounded edges. By increasing the hammer's size Jared enabled it to hold more sonic energy, this extra energy allows the season two Boomhammer to fire sonic projectiles that are about 1/8 the strength of the hammer's standerd energy burst.