Name Bookmark
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In ""Insert Ridiculously Appropriately Meaningful Kanji Here"

The Bookmark is a gadget used by Society Agents.


Agents can opt to carry a Bookmark if they so choose, which they can requisition with a simple visit to the Society's Science Department; it is not part of an Agent's standard inventory. Although the Society technician Charis came up with the original design for the Bookmark, the project was later taken on by other staff and has since been established for semi-irregular production. Bookmarks are no longer rare, and a large number of those that were in circulation found their way into prototypes of Doug and Charis' Anachron device.

A Bookmark appears as a device no bigger than a stick of gum, made of dull but finished metal. It weighs approximately 6 pounds; the same as a child-size bowling ball. Use of a Bookmark causes the affected Sue to be "dog-eared", growing a pair of very real dog ears (or puppy ears, depending on age). Visually, this makes it easier to track a Sue who's adept at hiding, as special attention can be paid to reports of a vaguely canine intruder running about fandoms; technologically, as well, activated Bookmarks can be triangulated with a working Plot Summary.

Bookmarks cause no harm to a Sue, and unfortunately dog ears may not always appear unusual given a Sue's usual glamour. The Bookmark is the first item to be fully compatible with the Booklight device.

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