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Name Booklight
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In "Insert Lack of Living Killing Machines Here"

The Booklight is a gadget used by Society Agents.


It is recommended to use a Booklight if a Bookmark has already been activated; however, the Booklight also stands out as a handy gadget on its own.

The Booklight was invented by Charis of the ACMSES Science department, and the first model was given by her to Karissa as a thank-you gift.

The Booklight most closely resembles a Deluminator from the Harry Potter book series (it looks like a compact lighter, for those who don't know). It comes in one colour (silver), weighs six ounces, and measures one inch by half an inch. It cannot perform the same functions as an actual lighter.

It seems that the Booklight's creation was tied-in intimately with Charis' knowledge of Karissa's personality. A Booklight emphasizes non-canon discrepancies in a fandom. Its cleansing light washes out all that’s right and desirable, leaving behind anomalies like Sues that are vivid in contrast.

In the case of the Bookmarked Lela Koi, her dog ears were dramatically enlarged until they swept the floor. Other Sues, upon which a Bookmark was never applied, may find that their least desirable feature becomes further exaggerated in the most distressing way.

As always, Booklights cause no harm to a Sue. When amplified by the use of a Booklight, Bookmarks can be rendered easily detectable by the Society's computers, without the need for additional search parameters.

Currently there are only a handful of Booklights in existence. It's not that they're hard to make, but Charis lost interest at some point.

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