Big Lipped Alligator Moment
Name Big Lipped Alligator Moment
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In "Insert Disastrous Final Battle Here"

The Big Lipped Alligator Moment (abbreviated as the BLAM) is a gadget used by Society Agents.


A BLAM is a gun-like contraption. Having only one shot per use, it's quite useful, but only in certain situations, such as getting away in a tight situation. Upon using a BLAM, the victim in question is thrust into a small dimension where his/her powers are rendered null and void. To keep them distracted, a scene from a movie will play. The scene will be a Bigged Lipped Alligator Moment, which, itself, is described in the following ways:

  • The scene itself seems to come out of nowhere.
  • It is ridiculous and confusing, even in the movie's terms.
  • It does nothing to further the plot of said movie along.
  • When it's finished, no one ever speaks of it again.

An important thing to note, however, is the Big Lipped Alligator Moment is exactly what it sounds: a moment. It will not last long, and will last only as long as the BLAM they were thrown into, ranging from thirty seconds to a full six minutes.

The weapon is armed with a setting on how intense the BLAM should be: Annoyance, Stun, Frighten, Nightmare Fuel, and ranging as such.

  • Annoyance - The scene itself is a mere annoyance, and only lasts a short time. An example would be Yourochi from the Bleach anime eating food for a minute...and doing nothing but that.
  • Stun - Slightly worse than annoyance, but still enough to preoccupy said victim. An example: the meadow scene from the Brave Little Toaster, with the annoying animals.
  • Frighten - Bordering on Stun and Nightmare Fuel, the scene itself is set to frighten some, but not all, such as the Godzilla vs the Astro Monster scene, Godzilla doing a "Happy Dance"...Yeah.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Highest setting and will send the victim in question into potential insanity. Lasts the longest, and most frightening. Examples include the Pink Elephants from Dumbo, and the Boat Ride from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

WARNING: Use of a BLAM on a Society Member will have severe consequences on the user, for its only use is for Sues and Stus. Abuse of said weapon will be justified, because no one deserves this...unless stated otherwise.

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